~ The show features ILA Paliwal and celebrated Grammy Award-winning artists such as Ricky Kej, Soweto Gospel Choir, Wouter Kellerman and more; the hour-long digital concert is an audio-visual tribute to planet Earth ~

New York - Ila Paliwal (ILA), an award-winning singer, songwriter and producer, based in New York, presents ILA—The Earth Symphony: The Virtual Concert. Set to premiere on Sunday, September 27th, the digital show marks a cross-cultural collaboration across borders to celebrate planet Earth. Featuring a diverse range of musicians as well as artists, including Grammy Award-winning acts such as composer Ricky Kej, South Africa’s Soweto Gospel Orchestra and flutist Wouter Kellerman, as well as world-renowned Bharatiya creators such as puppeteer Anupama Hosakere, sand painter Raghavendra Hegde and more, ILA—The Earth Symphony: The Virtual Concert will bring to screens global melodies and breathtaking montages of humanity from across the planet.

Tune into the virtual concert on Sunday, September 27th here: 

YouTube (8 PM IST) | Facebook (8 PM EST)

Stitched together with a vision to reflect and promote unity and peace, ILA—The Earth Symphony: The Virtual Concert marks a special convergence of global talent for a cause. Musicians from around the globe, including the iconic Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, avant-garde guitarists Lonnie Park and London McDaniels, prodigious Bharatiya classical musicians Varijashree Venugopal, Prashant Trivedi and Rakesh Bhardwaj, intrepid percussionist Nate Horton, as well as celebrated collectives VOXAPHONIC Choir and Salomé Chamber Orchestra, the virtual concert will showcase the expansive sound of the universe. Joining these stellar musicians will also be a plethora of distinguished Bharatiya artists such as speed painter Vilas Nayak and classical dance collective Nritarutya Dance Academy. Filmed and conceptualized during the global COVID-19 lockdown, the awaited hour-long spectacle is set to be an inspiring and moving audio-visual tribute to our beloved Mother Earth, our planet and home. 

Says ILA,

" 'ILA—The Earth Symphony' is an album that speaks of our times. It's a call to all to turn our ears towards the planet and band together to heal it. As the world experiences a pandemic, ILA—The Earth Symphony: The Virtual Concert is an audio-visual tribute to planet Earth and the spirit of humanity.

It's an ode to the peace we imbibe and the peace we must build in these trying times. I hope the virtual concert brings joy, hope and inspiration to all as we, the artists of the world, unite to celebrate our planet, our home, Earth."

Featuring songs from ILA’s acclaimed album, ILA—The Earth Symphony, which released earlier this year in August, the virtual concert is an ode to Mother Nature and the spirit of all living beings. The record itself is a call to all to turn conscious

towards the Earth. The nine-track album features compositions sung in both Sanskrit and Hindi, offering harmonic layers of Bharatiya as well as Western musical orchestrations.

Rooted in Bharatiya tradition and scripture, the album is the ultimate confluence of the old and the new, bridging artists and sounds from across the globe for a universal message of peace.

Music is the unequivocal pulse of the universe; even as the world finds itself socially distanced, the arts find a way to bring us all together. Championing humanity’s spirit in these times of need, ILA—The Earth Symphony: The Virtual Concert will premiere on YouTube at 8 PM IST and Facebook at 8 PM EST. From a global album to a global show, witness the power of music as it bridges and heals the world. This global digital concert is one for all.


Born in Agra, Bharat,, ILA comes from a long lineage of renowned artists, poets, musicians and scholars. Their influence bears an invaluable aura to her ever-evolving sound and it’s no wonder why ILA’s music finds acclaim all over the world. Through ILA—The Earth Symphony, ILA wants to spread the word about Bharatiya, as well as universal, traditions of coexistence and respect for all elements of nature. She hopes the album moves individuals to realize their crucial role in maintaining the world’s balance. ILA believes music can be instrumental in ushering in an age where Earth serves all its inhabitants equally. And as “Vande Mataram” is already emonstrating, what better medium for lasting change than music!