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COLORS’ inspirational tale Kesari Nandan has struck a chord with its viewers with the gripping narrative that transcends a daughter’s aspirations to fulfil her custom binded father’s dreams to become a wrestler irrespective of the patriarchal oppression. The show will soon witness an interesting highpoint in the show with the entry of India’s International boxing champion Mary Kom as a chief guest of a wrestling competition. Mary Kom will enter Kesari’s life as a ‘messiah’ who will encourage her to continue pursuing her dreams and not let the society opinions affect her.

Talking about the show and her entry, Mary Kom said, “Kesari Nandan is a show that has been inspiring young girls to take up a sport of their choice and not be bounded by gender stereotypes. In my journey to becoming world no 1 boxer, I chose to stand up to the medieval norms and flourish as a winner. Similarly, Kesari’s fight is against the set societal pressures that need to be shattered and I’m completely in awe and extremely supportive of such narratives. I wish the crew and team All the luck.”

In the current storyline, Hanumant (Manav Gohil) is in a lot of debt and is unable to pay the same as his crops catch fire. Meanwhile both Jagat (Shoaib Ali) and Kesari hear about a freestyle wrestling competition for which the prize money is rupees 1 lakh. In order to help their father, Jagat enrolls himself for the wrestling competition. Jagat tries his best to win the competition but unfortunately ends up losing his fight. Kesari doesn’t accept the fact that Jagat is not the winner and to take control of the situation she challenges the winner for a fight. Mary Kom who recently created history in the international boxing championship, will be the chief guest of the wrestling competition. She will also be seen talking to the villagers about gender equality and how one’s gender shouldn't be a hindrance in fulfilling their dreams.

Will Kesari win the fight and help release Hanumant of his debt or will she succumb to the pressures of being a girl?

To find out more, keep watching Kesari Nandan every Monday to Friday 9.30 PM only on COLORS


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