The well-known talented actor Neha Pendse has entertained her audience through her magnificent performances in several Bollywood movies and Television shows. She will now be seen in &TV's cult show, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, portraying Bharat's favourite Anita Bhabi. Here are the excerpts from the interview with Neha on her journey in the industry and stepping into Anita Bhabi's role.

1. BGPH is one of the most popular shows on Bharatiya television. So how much you have seen the show and who has been your most favourite character from the show?

I have been a regular follower of &TV's Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, and I thoroughly enjoy watching it. It is quite fun and entertaining. The USP of the show is that every character has equal importance and weightage. Their roles are well-defined and have a unique style and mannerism, making one fall in love with them. The chemistry between them - Vibhutiji, Tiwariji, Angoori Bhabi and Anita is fantastic and brings out their best. That's precisely the reason the show is immensely popular with the viewers and has a successful run. I also love the trio of TMT – Teeka, Malkhan, Tillu and the various comic sequences created by them, Saxena is also my personal favourite and his catchphrase– 'I like it'.

2. What can the viewers expect from the new Anita Bhabi?

Although the character remains the same, there will be a lot more oomph, style, and freshness with a renewed look and feel. We have been working a lot on her styling, makeup and overall look and one will have to wait and watch to know more once the episodes go on air. I would not like to divulge too many details at this moment and keep that surprise element for our viewers.

3. Are any preparations you had to do, and are there any iterations done in this role?

I have been a regular follower of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, and the show has been my personal favourite. So I am in a way, well-versed with Anita's character. There is a lot of planning for the role, and it is all under wraps. I can assure you that there will be a lot more fun, humour and oomph to the character as I said before. One will have to wait and watch till the episode goes on air. On preparations, I believe that homework and research are crucial to understand and absorb the character nuisances to bring out the right tonality and mannerisms as envisioned by the makers. We are finalising the look, costumes, makeup and the storyline, so I cannot divulge more details.

4. How difficult or easy it is to fit into an established or popular role than an entirely new character? The comparisons are bound to happen so how you geared to tackle this?

It is challenging to fill into the shoes of a well-established and popular character. The comparisons are bound to happen. But I am confident that new Anita Bhabi will add new dimensions to the role, which will be a refreshing change for the viewers. The makers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that we keep certain core elements of Anita Bhabi character's alive and at the same time, bring in a new and fresh perspective to her overall persona to up the entertainment quotient. From my side, I

will make sure to make this transition less bumpy and put in my best foot forward and live up to the viewers' expectations.

5. You have worked earlier with Binaiferr and Sanjay Kohli and their team. So, tell us more about your relationship and experience working with them.

Binaiferr and I know each other for a very long time. We share an outstanding bond, so much so that we often chat on many different subjects of varied interests – from her love for food to skincare and hair treatments and much more! Our relationship is quite remarkable and unique. When she spoke about me on Anita Bhabi, we both try to figure out the best possible way to make it work. So now, here I am as the new Anita Bhabi! I enjoy working with her and their entire production team, the director – Shashank Bali Ji, our writer – Manoj Ji. They all are like an extended family and have made it very comfortable for me. I am eagerly looking forward to starting shooting.

6. Any message you'll like to give the viewers and your fans?

I would request all fans and viewers to please watch the new episodes without any pre-conceived notion and shower me with as much love and affection as they have always given to Anita Bhabi.