1) Tell us about the upcoming track and how did you prepare for it?

The upcoming episodes in Maddam Sir will be very thrilling and will keep the audience on the edge of their seats with the shocking and emotional turn of events. The episodes further highlight the case of a mysterious person who cuts woman’s hair without their consent. An FIR is filed in Mahila Police Thana by the group of working women against this suspicious person who is responsible for this offence. Santosh takes the onus of finding this culprit and she is even successful in identifying this man. While confronting the culprit, Santosh and the offender get into a huge fight.

2) The upcoming track will witness Santosh slipping into coma. What was your reaction to it when you got to know about it?

The character of Santosh is very close to my heart, and I broke into tears when I learned that Santosh will slip into coma due to an accident. Santosh is a bubbly, sassy character and this is the first time she will be seen in such an intense situation. Our viewers are used to her vibrant personality, and it is certainly a huge turn of events as Santosh is about to lose this vibrance. This sequence on the show will make the viewers very emotional, and it’s bound to put all the fans of Santosh and Maddam Sir into tears.

3) Audience is loving you in Maddam Sir. Any incident that you would like to share which will always be close to your heart?

I believe every character of Maddam Sir is immensely loved and appreciated by the audience. I have so many memories and instances that are close to my heart that it is impossible to pick one. As a team we never get tired of shooting. We enjoy ourselves on the set throughout the day and keep laughing and making memories with each other. The kind of energy and passion the team brings on the sets is something that motivates us to give our best. As for my character Santosh, it is a heart-warming feeling when I see the kind of love and support our fans and audiences have given me. I will continue to put my best work forward for them.

4) Being a part of women-centric show, any message that you would like to give to today's woman?

I feel blessed to be a part of a show like Maddam Sir, and I firmly believe that women are always a step ahead. I think women are born fighters and have the strength to fight against all the odds. Our show highlights these traits through the lives of 4 women police officers. I personally love our tagline which holds true for all the women – Kuch baat hai, kyuki jazbaat hai!

5) Any message to the audience?

I want to thank all the Maddam Sir fans for loving each one of us. We are grateful and feel fortunate enough to have this opportunity of entertaining you every day. I just want my fans to keep watching Maddam Sir, and we will always keep bringing new, interesting, and exciting episodes.

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