Beni (Vishwanath Chatterjee) aur Bimlesh ke ek tarfa pyaar ke charche humne teen saal tak sune, aur ab jaldi hi milne wale hain yeh! From Rajesh's (Kamna Pathak) disapproval of Beni to Bimlesh staying far away from him, their love story always was short of a grand union. But much to the viewers' surprise and Beni's glee, Bimlesh is all set to make a grand entry in &TV's Happu Ki Ultan Paltan. Yes, you heard it right! A name that stole Beni's heart and intrigued viewers for not one, not two, but good three-long years is finally here! Here's to Sapna Sikarwar, essaying the fascinating and bubbly role of Bimlesh, who is all set to make a grand entry starting September 13 th onwards.

Having essayed several comic roles, Sapna Sikarwar is excited to portray the most- awaited role of Bimlesh. Says the actor, "There has been a lot of intrigue and interest around Bimlesh's character as Beni's love interest in the show. The ardent fans and followers of the show had only heard Bimlesh's name but had never seen her. So when the producers offered me this role, I jumped with joy. Bimlesh's character has undoubtedly been the most anticipated, and I am thrilled to be chosen to portray this role. The character that the audience had been hearing so much for so long will now have a face! The show has been an audience's favourite for its gharelu comedy and the constant misadventures of Happu Singh and his paltan.”

Speaking about her character, Sapna elaborates, “Bimlesh is Rajesh's younger sister and Beni's love interest. She and Beni have been in one-sided relationship, Beni would swoon for Bimlesh just by hearing her voice. As for her personality, she is chirpy and a livewire. She is full of drama and loves exaggerating situations that often fuels conflicts. With her making a grand entry, the audience is in for a complete rollercoaster ride of hilarity, drama and entertainment.” The actor further shares, "My family and I would regularly watch Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, and we would often feel bad for Beni and wish that he meets his Bimlesh someday. And today, I cannot believe that I am the one who will make this wish come true (laughs). I am elated to join the team and kickstart this beautiful journey."

The story goes like this, melancholic in love, Beni misses Bimlesh and dreams of being with her one day. Everyone around him can see his misery and decide to convince Gabbar (Sahil Patel), the father of Bimlesh, to agree to his daughter's marriage with Beni. Happu and his family decide to support Beni's proposal. But will it be a happy ending? Watch to find out!

Witness Bimlesh's much-awaited entry starting September 13 th on Happu Ki Ultan Paltan at 10:00 pm, airing every Monday-Friday only on &TV!