After a breakthrough performance by Shakti Kapoor in and as Masterji in Dice Media’s Bravehearts, the second short film to premiere as a part of the army anthology is ‘Jaldi Lautna, Captain’ starring Varun Tewari and Anushka Kaushik. The film revolves around the life of Vibha Sahay, wife of Captain Vikrant Sahay who is shattered and in emotional distress after the tragic demise of her husband. Captain Vikrant Sahay was a senior-ranked army officer at the Assam regiment. The film touches upon the tough journey and unspoken sacrifices made by Vibha in loving memory of her late husband.

Anushka Kaushik who plays the role of Vibha Sahay shares, "Jaldi Lautna, Captain— a story that taught me how love can inspire you to explore your own strength. It has also taught me that there will be circumstances in your life which could seem to be the end point but actually that’s just the start of another lap of your journey. I am grateful to Dice Media for giving me a script that has done magic to me and a character which is gonna live with me forever. I hope the viewers will connect with the love and the sense of patriotism through the stories of Bravehearts."

Varun Tewari who shines in the role of Captain Vikrant Sahay says, “Bravehearts has been the closest project to my heart so far. Coming from an Army background myself and having seen both my parents serving the nation, in their own respective ways, this one is special for many reasons. To have actually witnessed how selflessly the families of our faujis live their lives it was only fair to play this role of an army officer who believes in the fact that the women holding fort back home are the strongest ones he knows. Having always believed that true strength lies within oneself, I am proud to be a part of this project. It's truly an honor to be a part of Dice Media’s Bravehearts and I hope the stories strike a chord with the viewers like they did with all of us when we created them.”

With the sudden death of her husband in the early days of their marriage, Vibha’s life turns upside down. Do these series of events change her life completely leaving her sad forever or will hope and courage come her way and change her life? All this and more is something we all need to wait and watch!

Jaldi Lautna, Captain episode premieres on 9th June 2022 only on Dice Media’s Youtube Channel