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Jaya Prada’s television debut show Perfect Pati on &TV posed some hard-hitting questions to its viewers when it started. Can an ideal son also be an ideal husband? What happens when a newly married woman realises her husband is not the man she expected him to be? It interestingly answered these questions through its strong narrative over the months. Not just did it give a refreshing perspective to the quintessential saas-bahu equation, but also changed perceptions of how a woman should deal with a troubled marriage and partner.

The show in a dramatic turn of events, will see Rajyashree Rathod played by Jaya Prada, killing her own son Pushkar (Ayush Anand) in a bid to do the right thing and serve justice to her daughter-in-law Vidhita (Sana Amin Sheikh). Rajyashree had long known that her son and daughter-in-law had trouble in their marriage. But it has now come to light that her son under his psychotic behaviour had tried to kill Vidhita, the woman he claimed to love. The shocking climax where Rajyashree shoots her own son with a gun is sure to cause ripples, but also sends a strong message to the society at large and mothers in particular on the topic of raising their sons well.

Talking about this unconventional concept and the bold move the writers have taken with the story, Jaya Prada said, “I am glad that I made my television debut with Perfect Pati, a show that portrayed a mother and her role as a mother-in-law in such strong positive light. It is imperative that mothers should understand their child’s behaviour and not blindly support the wrongdoings or faults in their sons. Indian society has spent centuries grooming girls to be future good wives (sanskari bahus), yet often failing to produce good husbands who deserve them. Girls while growing up are being conditioned to feel that they have to accept their husbands any way, even at times cater to their extreme behaviour in their marriages. It is imperative for mothers to imbibe values in their sons right from their childhood to respect a woman and her choices. I am happy and proud that &TV has taken such a strong stance and given this message through my show.”

Further adding on the highpoint, she said, “Rajyashree loved her son, but she refused to stand-up for his bizarre behaviour and injustice against Vidhita. This a huge turning point as she chooses right over wrong and takes a drastic step though viewers will see the reasoning behind this move.”

This is surely one climax that will be worth watching!

To know more watch Perfect Pati every Mon-Friday at 9.00 pm only on &TV


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