JetSynthesys' digital music and video content creation arm Music Boutique today launched its all-new music video with music veteran Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. This is the fourth single to be released from the exclusive property - 'OnePlus Playback' by Music Boutique and smartphone manufacturer OnePlus to promote Indipop in the country.

With its recent single ‘Dil Chahiye’ by Neha Kakkar becoming an instant hit among music lovers, ‘Dhadkane’ is OnePlus Playback’s latest single by Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan curated by Shamir Tandon and produced by Salman Ahmed. The last collaboration between Salman Ahmed, Shamir Tandon and Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for the song ‘Zaroori Tha’ saw it becoming a successful hit with 538 million views on YouTube, a milestone in the history of non-film music.

The music video captures the essence of the sprawling city of Southern California - with the music, lyrics and art direction all drawing inspiration from the scenic location. The USP of this music video is that, this is the first time ever that Rahat is part of a story-line in a video, playing himself.

Speaking about the song, Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman and CEO, JetSynthesys said, "With the release of every music video, we see a growing preference for new music among the audience. What works beautifully well for ‘Dhadkane’ is the location we've filmed the video at - Los Angeles, which reflects the softness and tranquility of Sufi music to perfection. It also captures the depth of talent of Rahat’s 600-years-old family legacy in music.”

Shamir Tandon said, “We at Music Boutique, as part of the well diversified JetSynthesys Group, are excited to create quality music content, that is diverse, for our global audience. It’s our endeavor to capture the uniqueness of every music artist. This Sufi rendition by Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will surely win many hearts.”

Producer of the music video Salman Ahmed said, “Its 4 years on since Shamir Tandon & I embarked on an amazing journey with Zaroori Tha as a non-film song. This magical song has recently crossed over half a billion views and was a genuine trend setter for independent music to be recognized again. Post 2014 others have realized this and singles / independent / non-film music is huge across digital platforms. Partnering with JetSynthesys’ Music Boutique is a wonderful experience and a great concept for artists.”

On the release of his new single ‘Dhadkane’, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan said, “Dhadkane is very close to my heart as my producer Salman Ahmed was very clear that after Zaroori Tha the next video has to hit a billion views in half the time. Personally, to me numbers or hits do not matter, what matters is the song or music composed by me is like by the people. Once again associating with Shamir Tandon is a wonderful experience as he has great sense of music and is a stalwart in the industry. The video of Dhadkane is totally a new experience for me as I have not featured in such a colorful and glamorous video before. Hopefully people will like what has been put together with collective efforts of a lot of people from different continents.”

On a journey to revive the era of Indipop music videos and singles, 'OnePlus Playback' plans to release singles every few weeks. The series recently featured young, pop singer Jonita Gandhi and popular playback singer Neha Kakkar. The lineup for the next couple of months includes music by Mumbai rapper Divine, amongst others.

The music video is Presented by Rajan Navani; Produced by Salman Ahmed; Music by Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan; Lyrics by Javed Ali Khan; Curated by Shameer Tandon with Music Video Director Justine Raczkiewicz.