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Mumbai - On the occasion of the United Nations Braille Day, John Abraham, Brand Ambassador to the National Association for the Blind (NAB) in India, unveiled the Hindi Braille Edition of the book, Karma Sutra – Cracking the Karmic Code at Le Sutra – the world’s first Indian art hotel.

Authored by Hingori, Karma Sutra, the first in a series of four books from Hingori Sutras Publishers, explains the Indian doctrine of Karma and serves as a DIY (do-it-yourself) manual for those who want to harness the invaluable wisdom of spiritual masters. If this book is lived in practice, it can serve as a tool to carve a better future in this lifetime and earn the karmic wealth that will command one's ethereal status after death.

As part of its CSR, Le Sutra subsidizes the marketing costs of the Hingori Sutras, thus ensuring that their reach is amplified. Since approximately 2.2 billion* of the world's population are either blind or visually impaired, it is imperative that they are have the opportunity to read books like Karma Sutra that have much to offer to humanity. Therefore, Hingori Sutras has directed its efforts towards transcripting its books in braille.

According to John Abraham, Brand Ambassador for NAB, "Braille is more than just a language for the blind; it is the currency of their thoughts. Books in Braille allow the visually challenged to expand their horizons, discover new worlds and enrich their life. Therefore, I am happy to unveil a book like Karma Sutra – Cracking the Karmic Code.’

NAB works to empower the visually challenged, encouraging and enabling them to lead a life of dignity and productivity.


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