~ Zindagi’s first original Churails’ lead actress Yasra shares her experience of shooting for the show ~

Zindagi’s first original – Churails, streaming on ZEE5 is already making headlines with the overwhelming response it has been receiving since the release. Challenging patriarchy, the show stands as the voice of women globally. Strong content, honest representation and unapologetic women characters of the show have grabbed eyeballs across countries. Directed by acclaimed director Asim Abbasi the show stars Sarwat Gilani, Mehar Bano, Yasra Rizvi and Nimra Bucha among others.

Being associated with Zindagi since its first phase with shows like Mann ke Moti and Malika-E-Aliya, Yasra Rizvi talks about her experience of working on a show that’s drastically different from her earlier work. Talking about how she landed in the project and the challenges she faced while preparing, Yasra says, "I came on board 3-4weeks before the shoot began, so I didn't get the time for preparation. The major challenge I faced was with regards to my character’s look. I had to wear high heels, which is not at all my thing. I fell off my heels 16-17 times while shooting. I have been used to wearing flats all my life and my character in Churails is a fashionista with every trend that I am not into”

She continues to add how she got into the skin of the character, she says "For preparation of the character I worked really hard. I was declared 'The Nerd' of the sets (laughs) because I had too many notes. Although I could heavily relate to the character’s emotions, so that helped me alot."

Sharing similarities with her character Jugnu Chaudhary from the series, Yasra expresses her emotional connect with it, "I was a rebel kid in my early 20's. I had to calm myself. When I came to know about my character, I got reminded of my earlier self. I had to bring back the rebel in me.

Along with this, came the emotional baggage of past 17-18 years. So all that was projected/channelized towards my character. Now I can say that I have both in me - the calm Yasra and the rebel Jugnu. Jugnu will continue to be a part of me"

Zindagi original - Churails available only on ZEE5.


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