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Zee TV's Qurbaan Hua had everyone hooked when it launched in February this year through its gripping storyline and fantastic performances by Karan Jotwani and Pratibha Ranta, Karan Jotwanis daredevil stunts and the intense manner of portraying his character, Neel won everyone’s hearts. While the COVID-19 Lockdown brought everything to a standstill, it surely didn’t stop the actor’s growing fanfare and his ability to win over people. In fact, Karan did something so special for the stranded migrant workers in Mumbai that it will surely make your heart melt!

As migrant workers continue to struggle to make a livelihood, feed themselves or go back home during this COVID – 19 Lockdown, Karan Jotwani joined hands with an NGO to help them out. The actor, in collaboration with Upasana Society was a part of the Mission Roti Daan where they distributed food to the migrant workers. The actor not only donated rotis, but also contributed to the fund, shared an appeal to join the movement and volunteered in distributing the food.

Talking about the initiative, Qurbaan Hua’s Neel revealed, “I feel that during such testing times, there is nothing above humanity and hence, I wanted to volunteer for something important. Throughout this lockdown period, I was finding ways to help everyone around me, be it feeding the strays or giving food to people. While I continued finding new ways to help the needy, I came across Upasana Society and their Mission Roti Daan really touched me. They collect rotis from societies in Mumbai, purchase a mixed vegetable curry from a local temple and package it well, before providing it to the needy. All this is done through donations from members and a fundraiser that we are running. Apart from rotis and vegetables, we also purchase biscuits and water bottles for migrant workers who are either struggling to buy food or who are travelling back to their hometown via buses or trains.”

Karan Jotwani further added, “With permission from the police, we provided food to migrant workers, the needy as well as the daily wage earners. I recently visited a bus depot and a colony to distribute food and it was indeed a joyful feeling. All of them were so happy and getting their blessings was truly heartwarming. I feel this is the time to show our humanity and I am honoured to be able to do this.” Our very own Neel a.k.a Karan Jotwani has truly won our hearts with his benevolent gesture. But wait till he returns on the small screen and stuns you with his fantastic act in Qurbaan Hua, only on Zee TV!


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