Abha Singh- A Lawyer, Faye D'souza- An anchor & journalist & Aahana Kumra- An actor, three women pioneering their respective fields came together to wake the nation & raise a question to Mumbai & India "HOW SAFE ARE WOMEN". Are they safe at 2 in the night? Are they safe at home? Who are those men to treat women like their commodity? Abha Singh, a lawyer by profession launched her book Stree Dasha aur Disha which speaks volumes about Stree Dasha aur Disha. The book comprehensive examination of women's ongoing battle for her rights. It aims to bring light upon the present condition of women versus how it should be. It also educates every woman to be brave & stand up for her rights.

The launch saw the presence of Abha Singh Husband Yogesh Pratap Singh, Faye Dsouza, Aahana Kumra, Mrs Ritu Khare, Bhagyashree, Madhoo, Bina Aziz, Zeba Kohli, Naazneen Bedi, Nisha Jamwal, Sharon Prabhakar, Raell Padamsee, Parvati Khan & many other renowned lawyers & Social Activist.

Abha Singh is worried seeing the NCRB 2016 figures of increasing crime against women and Children. She through her NGO RannSamar would like to take up the cause of Women Safety and hence this Seminar to raise voice against increasing crime. Mumbai is no more a safe city she says "Every single day single women, young girls, mothers and women from all walks of life are being assaulted, molested, and violated. The streets, public transport, public spaces in particular have become the territory of the hunters. While the ones already hunted down weep in silence or in disdain, the rest fight their way to a basic life with dignity. Women's safety in India seems to be a crumbling illusion" says Abha Singh

Cases of Rape have gone up by 12 percent. Highest is Madhya Pradesh (4882) followed by Uttar Pradesh(4186) and Maharashtra(4189).What is worrying is that compared to 2015 there is 85 percent in rape cases against Children. Increasing Crime is s cause of worry, hence this book which covers all laws pertaining to women and also life stories of women who are facing such crime every day. Women need to know the laws and their right to take on the he Mysoginistic mindset.

Aahana Kumra said "I am actually going to begin by saying what I actually feel about Mumbai. I remember the day Lipstick Under My Burkha released, my first interview was with Faye D'souza. I feel really happy because she really resonates with the idea of women being free in a free world. I am from Lucknow & you know how it is in Lucknow. I remember my mother not allowing me to step out of the house post 6 in the evening because no male cousin or no male bhaiya or no male uncle could accompany me till a nearby place, it was impossible to leave the house post evenings. We moved from Lucknow to Mumbai in 1997 & I remember writing to my best friend that I could play outside my building & my mother didn't say a no. I cannot tell you how I sensed that freedom, that has been the biggest gift & the biggest realization for me as a woman, as a girl child in this country that feeling of being so powerful that I could play with boys & my mother didn't object. I was not asked to come home at 6 o clock. My girlfriends back in Lucknow were so happy that I could play till 9 o clock & I was like yes, it is huge for us. You'll can't imagine that life because you'll are from Mumbai so any one from another city enjoying that freedom is a different high all together. Now with Lipstick Under My Burkha, because I think somewhere it is very deeproted because my mother has worked in a very unconventional job. She has been with the CBI Mumbai, she is in Police, she has raised children in a city like Lucknow where my father primarily used to live in Moscow so they have lived away from each other for years, till my father once decided & he called her up & said that before my kids start calling me uncle we should all live like a family together , so we moved to Mumbai"

Bhagyashree said "In any circumstances every woman should raise her voice for her safety. Women should encourage, motivate & support each other to voice against men. I request all those women who have fallen prey to such practices to talk to their family, contact police & raise their voice".

While India’s financial capital has long prided itself on being relatively safe for women, the question arises "is it really safe"? Which is the real Mumbai? Is it the one where a woman can walk around all over the city in a skirt and top and not get cat-called or even stared at or is it the one where a woman is constantly stared at as she goes around the city?

As we all know that Mumbai is a most famous country all over the world for its great tradition and culture where women are given most respected place in the society from the ancient time. It is the city where women are considered as safer and most respected. Women are given the place of Goddess Lakshmi in the Indian society. Indian women are found working in all fields like aeronautics, space, politics, banks, schools, sports, businesses, army, police, and many more. Safety of women matters a lot whether at home, outside the home or working place. Last few crimes against women especially rape cases were very dread and fearful. Because of such crimes, women safety in India has become a doubtful topic