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Karan Jotwani who plays the character of Neel in Zee TV’s Qurbaan Hua mentioned, “While I don’t bring Ganpati home, my society usually hosts Ganpati for about one and a half day, but this year those celebrations will not be happening owing to the precaution the society has to take. I am really going to miss celebrating this festival on the grand scale that we usually do especially when we head to immerse the idols in water but this year, I believe the safest option is to keep Bappa in our hearts. I would like to urge all our viewers to keep the fervour own yet avoid visiting crowded areas and have a safe and eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi.”

Pratibha Ranta who plays the character of Chahat in Zee TV’s Qurbaan Hua mentioned, “We do have Ganpati Poojan celebrations in the northern part of India too, but they differ a lot from way it is celebrated in Mahrashtra and in Mumbai in particular. Until last year I used to often pay a visit to my friends houses where they would celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm and gusto. The joy with which they would bring Ganpati home and immerse it in water with the same joy was infectious and I used to get as excited seeing them enjoy. Ofcourse, this year our celebrations will have to be mellow but that should not dull our festive spirits. Let’s only keep our devotion in Bappa high and welcome him into our hearts with the same zeal and excitement.”

Adnan Khan who plays the character of Kabir in Ishq Subhan Allah said, "I have never brought or kept a Ganpati Idol at home but I surely do love the energy with which everyone celebrates this festival during this time. I have a sweet tooth, so I really enjoy indulging in the huge variety of modak that people prepare during this time. Each time I see people celebrating the festival, I feel they have only taken the excitement a notch higher. With the celebrations being on a low-key this year, I am surely going to miss the enthusiasm and energy that this festival brings along and will just hope, we get a chance to celebrate Ganpati’s arrival next year with the same excitement.”

Reem Sheikh who plays the character of Kalyani in Tujhse Hai Raabta said, “Llike every year, we're excited to welcome Ganpati Bappa on the sets of Tujhse Hai Raabta. This is going to be the third year that we'll be celebrating the festival on the set and we are all looking forward to performing the evening Aarti together. With regard to our show, the event of Ganesh Chaturthi will witness massive plot twists. I hope our audiences enjoy the upcoming twists and turns on the show I wish everyone all the happiness, love and luck on this season of festivities."

Poorva Gokhale who plays the character of Anupriya in Tujhse Hai Raabta said, " Our Ganpati celebrations usually happen with the entire cast and crew together on the set. Every year we welcome Ganesh Ji will on the sets of our show, Tujhse Hai Raabta and this time too we are extremely excited to celebrate this festival and welcome him. While we usually shoot scenes celebrating the festival, off camera it’s the entire team working to make this celebration a grand affair. We usually even chip in to decorate the mandap where Ganesh ji will be kept and sometimes even get homemade sweets to add to the Prasad. While there might be certain restrictions in celebrating the festival outside, that has not curbed our happiness and we are extremely looking forward to shooting while celebrating too!”

Pooja Banerjee who plays the role of Rhea in Zee TV's Kumkum Bhagya revealed, "This year, Ganesh Utsav will be quite different from the usual. With the pandemic still looming large and with the new normal in place, I will not be visiting any of my friend's place or any mandal for Ganpati. But I will surely do a pooja of Bappa at home and I will also make modaks with a gud and nariyal filling for the very first time.. However, I must add that I will miss the normal Ganpati celebrations that I used to have ever since I was a kid. In Nagpur, where I grew up, from getting the idol home till the time of Visarjan, I used to dance my heart out. I also played the dhol, in fact I was a professional and I used to play the dhol on the street as well. We all used to dance in the rain during the visarjan too, those were the good old days. In Mumbai as well, I used to make it a point to visit every friend who had got Lord Ganesh to their house and I used to get very happy seeing everyone's spirits so high during the festival. It was a great way for a reunion too. Sadly, we all will miss meeting our friends and celebrating the festival this year. But I know one thing, Lord Ganesha is truly the Vignaharta and hence, I would like to pray to him to take away all the Vighna (obstacles) away from us this year."


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