Right since launch, Sony SAB’s Ziddi Dil – Maane Na has been keeping the audience on their toes with its plot twists and enthralling storylines. It's no surprise that Charu (Abigail Pande) is the harbinger of doom in Monami’s (Kaveri Priyam) life. Her wrath knows no bounds now after Dhanu’s death and she will stop at nothing to create havoc at Parakram academy. Meanwhile, Balli (Shaalien Malhotra) has been trying to compensate for Karan’s unfortunate passing and has taken a pledge to help Colonel Batra and the team in their quest to nab Charu.

The cadets were on high alert during the CM meet but Charu found a way to implement her vicious plan forcing Tilli to become a sleeper cell and assassinate the CM. However, the plan falls flat as Monami spots her, eventually shooting her on the leg as Balli tries to diffuse the bomb. Dhawan manages to escape but the cadets follow him to their secret hideout. In a shocking turn of events, Sanju (Diljot Chhabra) finds her way into a room and comes across a man who is trapped in Charu’s captivity for a long time. Scared, isolated and jolted to the core, it is soon revealed that the man is none other than Param, Karan’s older brother who was apparently martyred years ago.

How is Param alive? What is his connection with Charu and the gang?

Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi, who essays the role of Param says, “No doubt, it comes as a shocker to all that Param, who was presumed to be dead is actually alive. While it is a moment of happiness, Param’s return also digs up a lot of questions which were buried in the past. He is a highly skilled cadet and held vital information, which might be at stake considering he was imprisoned by Charu. In his absence, a lot of dynamics have changed and with Karan’s death, there is an absence of leadership and guidance among the cadets as well. I am very excited to portray Param. I can assure the audience that this character is sure to bring in a lot of twists and has a lot to offer in the upcoming tracks.”

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