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Manipal - Manipal Academy of Higher Education in association with Udupi district Amateur Athletic Association has decided to hold the 5th edition of Manipal Marathon that is MM 2022, on 13th February 2022. The announcement was made in the pre-event press conference today MAHE’s University building in the presence of Shri. Raghupathi Bhat, MLA of Udupi and President - Udupi district Amateur Athletic Association and Dr H S Ballal, Pro-Chancellor, MAHE, Dr Narayana Sabhahit, Registrar of MAHE, Mr. S P Kar, Director, PR, Media & Social Media Cell, MAHE along with Dr Vinod Nayak, Secretary, Sports Council, MAHE.

During the marathon, all COVID protocols and majors will be in place as defined by Government and various Regulators, will be strictly implemented.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) will give all the facilities to enhance the student's abilities. We give a lot of importance to academic activities. Students should make sure that they focus on their studies and participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. It will help in the overall development of personality. MAHE has a large indoor stadium to keep pupils fit and active. We at MAHE believe that physical and mental fitness should go hand in hand.

Dr. H S Ballal, Pro-chancellor, MAHE said “Running is an excellent approach to improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing. It benefits almost every part of your health, gives a stress-relieving outlet, and boosts your mood and general enjoyment. We are excited to bring back our legacy Manipal Marathon in 2022 keeping all Covid protocol in mind”. MAHE along with Udupi District Amateur Athletic Association is excited to bring the Marathon season back to the district, which was gravely missed last year due to the pandemic. We strongly feel that physical activity is a must to keep immunity in check and we are gearing up for this mega event.

Sri K Raghupathi Bhat, MLA, Udupi, who was present at the press meet who believes that “The marathon is organized in order to support fitness movement, a call given by Prime Minister Modi ‘Fit India’. It is advised to exercise for at least half an hour to keep our body and mind healthy. Udupi District Amateur Athletic Association and MAHE have together been part of Manipal Marathon from decades and we continue this journey with MM 2022. I wholeheartedly urge the people of the district to take part in this event and stay fit always.”

Dr. Narayana Sabhahit, Registrar, MAHE said “Running is not only beneficial for your health, but it is also a tremendous physical exercise that may help you meet new people and form strong relationships. Running is also a good approach to set and then achieve goals. If you're looking for some direction in your life, now is the time to put on your running shoes and get to work. We are happy to announce the 5th edition of the Manipal Marathon scheduled for February 2022. We at MAHE are taking all the necessary precautions and adhering to the government guidelines for Covid-19”

The conference was moderated by Mr. SP Kar, Director, PR, Media & Social Media Cell, MAHE, along with Dr Vinod Nayak, Secretary, MAHE Sports Council who further shares “At MAHE we believe in all-round development. Our flagship marathon event is an example of our belief. In this event, he showcased how MAHE is planning to conduct MAHE’s 5th edition of Manipal Marathon 2022 scheduled for 13th February 2022 keeping COVID protocols and guidelines at its core”

The Press Meet was attended by Col Prakash Chandra, Director (General Services), MAHE, Dr Shobha Erappa, Joint Secretary, Sports Council – MAHE, along with other dignitaries.


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