With the lockdown gradually lifting and people across the country stepping out into the new normal, Zee TV resumed shoots of its shows and it reconnected its audiences with the journeys of their beloved characters. Kumkum Bhagya, which has been one of the most popular shows on the channel, also ​offered a rather interesting twist to its viewers after its comeback. In fact, popular television actress Pooja Banerjee was also introduced as the new Rhea and she has brought quite a stir to the show. This beauty with brains has impressed everyone with her portrayal of the character and a rock-solid social stance.

Pooja Banerjee is a woman of virtue who strongly supports the thought of women having the opportunity to grow and advance their careers post marriage. The support she extends to this empowered belief, roots from an incident of her personal life. Pooja who has been married for almost 3 years now, recently revealed how she was advised against tying the knot owing to repercussions that might result in lesser roles. Contrary to the myth prevalent in the industry about married actresses, Pooja has been on endless spree of roles working much more and constantly post her marriage.

The actress truly Believing that marriage and companionship is a need and a part of life and not a retirement sentence for a career-centric woman, Pooja Banerjee revealed, “I have grown up watching my mother juggle her career and her household tasks in such an effortless manner that her will power and sheer hard work inspired me to achieve and have all I want in life.

After making it as an actress when I wanted to get married, my family was against it with the fear that it might lead to loosing out career opportunities. I somehow convinced my parents that getting married will never come in the way of me working, and if I am good enough and if I have talent and potential, I will get work. Well, I have been married for 3 years now and I have both, a flourishing career and a household too!” Adding further, the actress said, “Most of us think, it’s too much for a woman to have and seamlessly handle both, a career and a household. Personally, I despise it and I support women with ambition and wanting to have a career even after getting married. I try to motivate all the girls out there who think marriage is a tag that implies an end to their career.

Marriage is only a part of life and not a retirement sentence.” While Pooja continues to inspire women around her, her character of Rhea is surely upto plotting something evil against Pragya! To know more tune in to Kumkum Bhagya every Monday to Friday at 9 pm, only on Zee TV


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