Mirza Juuliet Redefines Love!

Love as an emotion can make even the strongest person weak, says Rajesh Ram Singh the director of MIRZA JUULIET.

While making a love-story the one most important factor is to believe in love. To believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to love, an open heart to love, MIRZA JUULIET epitomizes love in its purest form while it points out how much love can be your strength as well as your weakness. Sources claim that Darshan Kumaar as Mirza will redefine love as we see it.

“Mirza is a very strong man, he can hit back when needed and even destroy but the man that his life has made him is very different from the man love makes him. Love makes this indomitable man vulnerable which in itself with heartening to experience,” claim sources close to the film.

We had to ask, the director of the film Rajesh Ram Singh, how he interpreted Darshan’s role and who was the inspiration for it?

“Mirza for me comes from life, life in its beauty and its darkness, I have met many of his kind through the years. People who are strong, shrewd and even unfeeling when they are dealing with business etc but when it comes to love they are scared, vulnerable… fearful that the person who has evoked such tenderness in them would leave them, or might not love them as much,” shared Singh, who vouches the love of Mirza would make girls wants someone just like him.

It is such an overwhelming feeling to see a big man fall hard in love. The fact is that love touches everyone and it has room for everyone but is everyone prepared to love wholly and embrace the insecurities that come with it?

The film starring Darshan Kumaar and Pia Bajpai, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Swanand Kirkire, Chandan Roy Sanyal, is directed by Rajesh Ram Singh and is a story of strong emotions and above all a mixed confusion of all these emotions.

Shemaroo & Green Apple Media presents in association with Falansha Media Pvt Ltd production, Mirza Juuliet. The film is produced by Neeraj Kumar, Burman, Ketan Maru and Amit Singh and is slated to release on 7th April, 2017.


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