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Krishna Bharadwaj, who plays the double roles of Rama and Bhaskar (father and a Son) in Sony SAB’s period drama, Tenali Rama, has been gaining a lot of love from his fans. This Father’s Day, Krishna gets candid about his father’s passion for acting and talks about his fathers' contribution in shaping his career.

He said, “My dad, Dr. Aniket Bharadwaj, is an actor and I have got the acting genes in me through him. I have always found him to be a very passionate actor, writer and director while he worked in Akaash Vani, Local Doordarshan and theatre. I believe, being passionate about work is something that I learned from him and it stays with me. I still remember his days of struggle as he came to Mumbai to become an actor but couldn’t succeed. All his life, he used to take up different jobs but could never continue doing a particular job because he was an artist from the heart. So, he would leave the job in between and go back to performing but that didn’t pay much and hence, he would find yet another job. Seeing this passion of his, I got inspired and made sure that I become an actor myself.”

Talking about his father’s contribution towards his performance in Tenali Rama, Krishna said, “My father has been influential in my performance on Tenali Rama, as well. Since the show is set in a particular era, we are supposed to speak pure Hindi and my dad, being a PHD in Hindi, started my training of speaking in perfect Hindi since my childhood. So, all the perfection I could bring in this character is because of my dad’s Hindi language masterclasses and I am glad that my fans are appreciating that too. Seeing my dad proud of my performance, especially my Hindi, in Tenali Rama, means the world to me. He is living his dream of being an actor through me.”

“While I don’t usually celebrate Father’s Day specifically on a particular day, I want to take this moment to thank my father for everything and tell him that I love him a lot. I have this one wish to have my father as a part of Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama and I am working towards it. Hopefully, very soon this may also come true,” Krishna concluded.

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