"MY VIRGIN DIARY" movie is about love laughter ,music and maya'at the boys hostel of D

Movie is all set to release on the international digital platforms in the "summer of 2017' we will like to conduct the interview for Director Nalin Singh

You must have heard about the age old tradition of hindu college hostellers worshipping their virgin tree,to get rid of their virginity. 'My virgin diary consists of those unheard stories of the hostels of north campus"delhi university

" Life started at 11 in the night,over chai and butts of cigarettes.

north campus has much more to offer ,which a normal day scholars often miss, Plays,Politics,Philosohies,Elections,Civil services,all are discussed there.

Hudson lane,Kingsway camp,K'nags all are filled with students,who are staying in the pg's or have taken a flat on rent,"life their is sometimes crazy' full off energy ,creativity,you are "your own identity",and not your parents kid.They have their own lingos,fashion and outlook towards life.

Based on those personal experiments with his campus life, Director Nalin Singh, has made the movie'my virgin diary',which is scheduled to be released this summer on all international and national digital platforms.I wanted to reach to the actual audience ,they wanted it on their mobile fones,so we decided to go digital on this one.

"its based on my ex roomy at hindu college hostel' Arun Jaiswal,who later had committed suicide.we had a street paly society called 'parivartan' and we had swept away with all those prizes at the college festivals,including those of bits pilani' said Nalin,And this movie will be a a tribute from all the hostellers of those times,said nalin

"My Virgin Diary" talks about mental and spiritual orgasms,its a story of a musical band,that goes through a phase of life where they question the very basics of relationships,love and sex.

It is based on osho's ' from sex to salvation"..In the 70's bollywood was almost engulfed by OSHO.

Few small town guys from bihar,up,and north east,leave their preperations for civil services to form a musical band, when the protagonists sits to write the songs ,the sub concious mind wants all the answers before an original truth is penned down by him.

"its dedicated and based on my ex roomy Late Arun Jaiswal,from hindu college hostel,he had committed suicide.Parivartan ,a nukkad natak society of hindu, was his brain child,and we were a part of it..since we were doing english honours,then Sigmund Frued,Metaphysical poetry and PSCHOANALYTICS found a place in our lives and plays..and the movie has shades of his charector too...

bollywood is yet to explore the actual antiques of the hostels of north campus ,delhi,so i decided to make this movie,said the director nalin singh,of "gandhi to hitler" movie fame.

"it took me more than three years to fuse the reality of our times at hindu hostel,into cinematic entertainment for todays audience.

The movie is all set to release on the international digital platforms in the "summer of 2017' ..it will be dubbed in english,and french languages also.


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