Sharad Pawar, Sanjay Raut, Sachin Ahir, Sunil Tatkare, Krishna Tamang & others grace artist Bharat Singh’s show, ‘Satam Jivam Sharad’

An alluring image of a laughing Sharad Pawar catches your attention as you enter the Nehru Centre Art Gallery… and then you begin to notice all the myriad moods… a Sharad Pawar lost in thoughts, another in a pensive mood, brilliantly portrayed on canvas by artist Bharat Singh. Bharat Singh, in his 8th solo show on portraits of well-known personalities, seeks to explore the various moods of the renowned politician and NCP President Sharad Pawar. Besides Sharad Pawar, the exhibition was graced by Shiv Sena Leader and Firebrand Journalist Sanjay Raut, NCP MLAs Sachin Ahir and Sunil Tatkare, Kishore Dangat, entrepreneurs Krishna Tamang and Ankit Tamang of The China Gate Group, Corporate Trainer Sujit Patker and other dignitaries.

Enthused Sharad Pawar, “In fact, this is the first time I saw something about me. I have to congratulate this young artist (Bharat Singh). In my assessment, he has a very bright future. I hope his paintings will be liked by all those who understand art.” When asked which of the works would be his favourite, the veteran politician replied with zeal, “difficult to choose!”

Sanjay Raut added, “Every show of Bharat Singh feels like a homely affair. Bharat is one of my favourite artists. I have been impressed by his paintings of Balasaheb Thackeray and Harivansh Rai Bachchan. I keep a track of all his works. He has made portraits of me as well. When Bharat exhibits his artworks, even the viewers remain stunned.”

“I’ve been closely watching Bharatji through Mr. Krishna (Tamang) from a few months. The expressions he has captured on canvas are of importance because the artist has to carefully choose them and not everyone may like it. Bharatji has done a very good job and my hearty congratulations to him,” avered Sachin ‘Bhau’ Ahir.

Bharat, who uses oil paint on canvas to display multiple hues of emotions, said, "This is my 8th exhibition on portraits of personalities and this time, I have chosen Sharad Pawar Saheb as my subject. My portraits speak of what I’ve seen in him, a well-known leader of the people of the country. I feel humbled that Sharad Pawar Saheb could make it here today, alongside Sanjay Raut, Sachin Ahir, Sunil Tatkare and my friend Krishna Tamang.”

Yours to view are the beautiful works of artist Bharat Singh at the Nehru Centre AC Art Gallery, Worli, till 24th September, 2018, daily 11 am to 7 pm.


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