We have always been cautious of visiting certain places or doing certain chores post sunset. Have you ever wondered why? Have you heard of a place no one dares to visit post sunset? Where the wrath of Gods punishes innocent humans? Where fear breeds and grows even after centuries have passed by? There is one such fictitious village Siddhpur which has an ancient temple called Kaal Bhairav where villagers are afraid to enter after sunset. Star Bharat (Life OK – rebranded) is all set to narrate a never heard before story from the by lanes of Siddhpur village in their new socio-thriller drama, Kaal Bhairav Rahasya. Starting from October 30, 2017, at 7 pm the show will star Rahul Sharma, Chavvi Pandey and Iqbal Khan in the lead roles. Poised as one of the most unique offerings on Indian television, the show is based in the fictitious village of Siddhpur. It will narrate the engrossing and gripping tale of an ancient temple situated in the fictitious village which has a mysterious story behind it. It is believed that whoever visits the temple after sunset faces the lord’s fury. For ages now, the villagers are living under the looming fear of the temple. The temple will be seen as the antagonist terrorizing and intimidating people on the show. The renowned producer from the South Ravi Gharani will revisit this mysterious past through the upcoming socio-thriller show Kaal Bhairav – Rahasya which is slated to launch soon on Star Bharat. Star Bharat spokesperson said, “Kaal Bhairav Rahasya germinates from the clash between myth and mystery propagated by tradition and the equally strong desire to seek the truth behind such beliefs. This clash has rarely been exposed to Indian Television. The show is a perfect combination of storytelling building an intrigue and curiosity that will keep the viewer’s wondering and engaged. This show is sure to jolt the regular ‘Saas Bahu’ audience with its edge-of-the- seat moments of suspense & thriller” The show brings together an ensemble cast that includes names like Rahul Sharma as Rahul, Chavvi Pandey as Namrata, Sargun Kaur as Gauri, Iqbal Khan as Indra, Madhavi gogate as Kalavati, Somesh Aggarwal as Vaid, Shyam Mashalkar as Manoj amongst others in key roles. Tune into watch Kaal Bhairav Rahasya from Monday to Friday at 07.00 p.m. only on Star Bharat.


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