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The battle between good and evil has begun and the fight between the two worlds is set to intensify. Bhayraani, Timnasa (Pavitra Punia) is determined to destroy Vivaan (Vansh Sayani) and Nakabposh (Dev Joshi) to gain the ultimate power. The upcoming episodes promises to put the viewers at the edge of their seats as Nakabposh finds out Ananya’s (Anahita Bhooshan) truth while Timnasa openly challenges Vivaan.

Timnasa, on a quest to destroy the world and its protectors, is braced for a new challenge with the emergence of a masked savior, Nakabposh. Timnasa is leaving no stone unturned to expose and kill Nakabposh in order to destroy the secret that can lead to her death. With so much going on, a new girl Ananya made an entry in Bharat Nagar to pursue further studies and crosses path with Nakabposh aka Debu Bhaiya and gets totally smitten by him.

On the other hand, Debu is intrigued about this mysterious entry in his life.

To find more about Ananya, Debu follows her to the college only to learn that she has been lying about everything. Debu confronts Ananya and the things he is learns about Ananya’s past leaves him baffled.

Who is Ananya? What is her mission? Is she involved with Timnasa to destroy the world?

Dev Joshi, essaying the role of Nakabposh and Debu Bhaiya, said, “Debu aka Nakabposh continues his mission to solve the puzzles to reach the weapon that can kill Timnasa. Ananya’s entry in everyone’s life in Bharat Nagar had Debu a little confused but the upcoming episodes confirms his doubts as he finally confronts Ananya after debunking her lies. It will be interesting to know Ananya’s real identity. So, stay tuned to Baalveer Returns.”

Anahita Bhooshan, essaying the role of Ananya said, “Ananya while being a bubbly college going girl has a larger purpose which has brought her to Bharat Nagar. So far she has managed to hide her real identity and the episodes further will put her in a position where she will have to reveal but the real question is, will she really tell Debu everything? Shooting during these challenging times has been tough but we all have put our best foot forward. I hope our viewers enjoy the fresh episodes.”

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