&TV’s upcoming satire sitcom 'Meri Hanikarak Biwi' has already created quite a stir because of its unusual concept. The show which will put forth a bold concept of vasectomy (nasbandi) in front of the viewers, in the most light-hearted way, will see Karan Suchak (Akhilesh) and Jia Shankar (Ira) as the lead. And now we hear that famous actor Nasir Khan will be joining the team. The actor who has been a part of iconic Bollywood movies like Baghban and Wazir, will be seen playing the role of Akhilesh’s father (Brijesh). With a dream to make it big in the film industry, Brijesh leaves Varanasi to come to Mumbai. Extremely loud in nature and an attention seeker, Brijesh knows how to appease a woman, and prove himself innocent in any given situation. Commenting about his role in the show he said “The idea of the show is exceptionally creative and extremely strong. The concept is the need of the hour, something that viewers will understand with time and will eventually accept. My only reason to play Brijesh Pandey is that his character has so many layers, expressions and shades of his personality that I am really having the time of my life working on a character like this. The viewers - both male and female will somewhere identify with Brijesh Pandey as we all have a little bit of him in us.”