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New Looks Of Baalveer Returns New Season Revealed

Gear up as Sony SAB’s popular fantasy show Baalveer Returns is set to dazzle the viewers and fans as the show dives into the underwater world marking a new chapter in Baalveer’s life. The show is set to introduce new characters in the enchanting water world, each with stunning looks that have been beautifully designed to bring the splendor of underwater world alive. The characters have also been amped up with unique set of powers, which are set to amaze the viewers. Let’s take a closer look at each new character.

1. Dashing and powerful – Ray

Ray is young, charismatic and handsome but there is more to him than meets the eye. Ray’s look includes the subtle elements of water blended into a warriors outfit. The hints of silver, bronze and blue in the outfit along with the headgear showcases the royal background of Ray. To give the character an edgier look, the headgear has been specially created to set the character apart. Underwater born Ray, while having the ability to hold his breath, also cannot be injured. Even the sharpest sword that touches him, breaks without harming him.

Shoaib Ali sharing about his character and his look, said, “Being a part of a fantasy show is entirely a new experience for me. Playing a role of a fantasy character with powers is a learning experience for me. I have never donned such detailed costume. Ray’s look has been carefully designed which represents the good and the fierce side of him. It was a little challenging for me to wear the various parts of my costume and it took me several days to get comfortable. Now that I have been shooting, it does give me the feel of a powerful prince. I am excited for the viewers to witness my character in the new season. Ray is a mystery which everyone will enjoy to solve.”

2. Ruthless and Cunning - Baambaal

Vimarsh Roshan will be seen essaying the role of Baambaal. The entire look of Baambaal has been inspired from an alligator. The outfit has the elements of leather and has spikes to represents the texture of alligator skin. Baambaal has the unique power to create weapons through water. He possesses the strength of an alligator. If he grabs anyone, the creature or person is sure to die.

Talking about his character, Vimarsh shared, “Baambaal while being a negative character is truly impressive. His look is embodiment of an alligator and all the detailing have been made keeping it in mind. It’s an elaborate look which I have never tried before. This is the beauty of the fantasy genre. If we closely see Baambaal’s makeup, it represents his alligator traits. While it takes me a while to get into a complete look but the grandness of the character takes over everything.”

3. Honest and wise – Jalraaj Kaykos

Jalraaj Kaykos, the honest and rightful king of the Water Kingdom, Shinkai. His look is all white signifying his pure and positive nature at the same time it is elevated with exquisite ornaments to represent a ruler with immense powers and authority. The crown has been carefully designed to blend with the wrist cuffs and the belt. The wrist cuffs have the representation of fins and seashells along with the gold mesh cover-up, which also have been embellished with seashells to complete the element of the water world. As a ruler he has the power of healing. He can heal any wound by his mere touch.

4. Wicked and brutal – Milsa

Baambaal’s loyalist Milsa is a wicked character. Milsa will be seen going to any lengths to gain Baambaal’s trust in order to fulfil her desire to be the queen of the water kingdom someday. She will be one of the major threats to Baalveer. Milsa being a dark character, dons a black flowy gown with golden detailing. The bold bronze statement rings are inspired from the elements and creatures of the underwater world which gives the character an edgier and bold look.

The new season is ready to feature these captivating looks and it will exciting to watch Baalveer fight the evil and protect the universe from the threats of the underwater world. With the evil possessing these unique powers, the challenges ahead in Baalveer’s life will now reach new height.

Witness the magnificence of the underwater world on Baalveer Returns every Monday-Friday at 8PM only on Sony SAB


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