Nickelodeon, the number one kid’s franchise, has returned with their global pro-socio initiative “Together For Good” which this year will address the burning issue of child safety.

Nickelodeon along with Arpan Foundation, an NGO which has over 10 years of work experience on prevention of child sexual abuse and healing from its impact has joined hands to empower underprivileged kids across the city to create awareness about personal safety. Nickelodeon’s toon Superkid Shiva visited the kids at Smile Foundation along with experts from Arpan to curate a behavioral change initiative that inspires and empowers them to “Say no to fear and yes to safety” in times of increasing incidents in the realm of cyber safety, bullying and physical harassment amongst kids at a young age.

This initiative has also been rolled out in other cities like Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Chennai. The experts from Arpan have engaged kids in schools through an interactive school contact programme. The school outreach included sessions that guided teachers and adults on how to manage issues of child safety. Nickelodeon has also partnered with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai-education department to extend the school outreach programme across various Mumbai schools

The pioneering initiative that is a category first encourages kids to identify potential risks and reach out to an adult without fear. Leveraging the strength of the entire Nickelodeon franchise and the Nicktoons, this movement is brought to life with child -friendly yet impactful on-air video series, reaching out to over 40 million viewers with the message – ‘Say No to fear and Yes to safety’. Addressing the 3 most rampant issues of physical abuse, cyber safety and bullying, the videos create awareness and call for kids to seek parental/ adult intervention when faced with any threat. Reaching out and sensitizing parents and gatekeepers, the initiative will also be showcased online and on social media through a high decibel digital plan that includes interactive posts, pledge posts, downloadables, championed by the kids’ favorite Nicktoons. There will also be short videos by experts and child psychologists on safety tips.

Mr. Sanjeev Dham, COO of Smile Foundation speaking on the occasion said “In today's scenario, where unpleasant incidents amongst children are on the rise, this initiative will provide a wonderful platform to create awareness amongst our children in a way that children relates to. It is something that most parents have a hard time talking about. We immensely appreciate the efforts taken by Nickelodeon for imparting lessons on safety and thus helping children to create a safe environment for themselves.”