Wedding bells around the corner as Sony SAB’s lovely couple, Rajeev (Ssudeep Sahir) and Daljeet (Sayantani Ghosh) are set to marry again, but this time it’s going to a big fat Bharatiya affair. With Daljeet’s mother, Gurmeet’s (Vibha Chibber) entry, the show has taken an exciting twist as Rajeev and Daljeet are shocked to learn about Gurmeet’s plan of having them married in a grand setting. While Gurmeet is unaware of their contractual marriage, it will be interesting to watch the course this wedding takes. Taking the entertainment quotient up a notch will be Nitin Chauhaan, who will enter as Daljeet’s childhood friend, Jimmy.

After the Baggas and the Bansals reach Gurmeet’s house, Daljeet and Rajeev are stunned to learn about Gurmeet’s plans of getting them married. Worried about Gurmeet’s health concerns, Daljeet does not tell her mother the truth about her marriage with Rajeev. Daljeet and Rajeev are determined to stop this marriage from happening but all their efforts go in vain. On the other hand, Daljeet’s childhood friend, Jimmy, arrives to attend Daljeet’s wedding. But there’s a lot more to Jimmy than it appears on the surface. Jimmy, a rich influential young man, while being Daljeet’s childhood buddy is also in love with her and he is set to crash the wedding and profess his love for Daljeet.

Will Jimmy be able to stop the marriage? How will Rajeev react to Jimmy’s entry in Daljeet’s life?

Nitin Chauhaan, essaying the role of Jimmy, said, “Jimmy is an interesting character and his entry is set to turn some eyeballs and create quite a stir in Daljeet and Rajeev’s life. It has been exciting to play this character. I am really enjoying the way this character has been created and the purpose that he fulfils. Shooting with the entire cast has been a great experience and I am learning something new about my character each day. Jimmy is a character that the audience will surely love and I look forward to their response to his entry in the show.”

Sayantani Ghosh, essaying the role of Daljeet said, “The story of Tera Yaar Hoon Main has taken an exciting turn. With Daljeet’s mother dropping in her wish of hosting a big fat Indian wedding. Daljeet and Rajeev are in fix. Personally, for me, I am completely enjoying working with Vibha ji and having her essay my on-screen mother. While the entry of Daljeet’s mother has shocked the audiences, they must stay tuned to witness what is about to happen next. The upcoming episodes promise, excitement of prepping for an Indian wedding, long lost friends reuniting and a hidden agenda that will turn the cards in Daljeet’s life.”

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