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Nora is finding innovative, unusual and funny ways of promoting her film Street Dancer 3 by creating her own content. The actress is truly on a high with her film Street Dancer 3 and her Garmi song has taken the internet by storm. Since the song has been trending on the internet, Nora wants more and more people to watch the film.

Recently she watched the Garmi song the popular rapper Baadshah and he was praising the hook step. however there was a glitch here. Nora challenged Baadshah to do the popular hook step of the Garmi song so that they can break the interent again.

The rapper that he is Baadshah refused to accept the challenge. His answer was a clear “No Way.” Nonetheless Nora did not accept defeat here. She found novel ideas to challenge the rapper to do the hook step. She literally haunted Baadshah with her hook step at his house, office, market place, malls and wherever Baadshah went. Until Baadshah found him self losing control over the urge to perform the step! He finally did the challenge and completed the famous hook step. This video is extremely funny and acted well by both badshah and Nora!

We are sure this attempt will create a new trend in film promotions and everyone will challenge themselves to outdo Nora as far as Noras funny creative style of promotions are concerned.


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