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The 10th edition of the Bharat International Foreign Tourism Conclave (IIFTC) recently witnessed a captivating fireside chat session highlighting the country's ever-evolving OTT landscape. Renowned Independent Business Advisor, Mansi Darbar, who has advised production houses like IN10 and more, shared her valuable insights during this engaging session.

Mansi Darbar, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, articulated “This is the ideal moment to explore cross-cover content. It is very important to embrace change while honoring traditional principles. With the advent of the digital era and evolving audience preferences, the need for content that seamlessly merges the traditional with the contemporary, offering a diverse array of experiences has increased significantly.” Her thought-provoking perspectives resonated with the audience.

Mansi Darbar also shared her perspective on the OTT industry, where talent takes center stage “I believe that OTT platforms are driven by and for talent. The true star in this landscape is the content itself, propelling the industry forward. When it concerns prominent Bollywood celebrities, they feel that their presence on the 70mm silver screen holds greater significance than appearing on mobile phones or OTT platforms. Regarding content distribution, the landscape has also tilted in favor of the OTT platforms. I firmly believe that the next big wave is going to be of aggregator-based platforms. Industry leader Amazon is already embracing this approach, revolutionizing the accessibility and distribution of content.”

The evening was the first day of the 3-day mega film tourism event featuring over 50 international companies from over 20 countries coming to Bollywood, and Mumbai to woo Indian filmmakers. The event saw participation from countries including Azerbaijan, South Africa, the USA, Spain, Lithuania, Kenya, Canada, France, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Serbia, the UK, Australia, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Netherlands, and Ukraine to name a few.


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