In a world where being regular and abiding by the general norms of the society was the set rule, the new Indian decided to take a step beyond these pre-decided boundaries to be much more. While multiple facets, personalities and interests have always existed within individuals, what distinguishes the ‘&dian’ from the regular Indian is their zeal and ability to always grasp more and embrace the several &s in their life. Adding more to their life each and every day, as they refuse to settle to the constrained asks of the society, these young minds proudly flaunt the ‘khaas’ side to them. Recognizing these multiple facets and celebrating the ‘khaas andaaz’ of every individual, &TV wishes to showcase the same essence with its new brand campaign, ‘Hai Khaas Har Andaaz’.

Presenting her khaas andaaz and multi-faceted personality is Angoori Bhabhi of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain who is an epitome of the perfect wife. She has a great skill for cooking that enables her to gladly wear a gourmet specialist's cap. Traditionally established in her methodology, her energetic and chirpy outlook refuses to give her inabilities a chance to affect her energy and zeal to learn and explore. Continuously thriving to improve her skills, Angoori keeps on engaging and speaking in English while simultaneously giving her best to attend to the needs of her dearest husband.

Talking about &TV’s new brand campaign and the thought of ‘Hai Khaas Har Andaaz’, Shubhangi Atre says, “The campaign’s tagline, Hai Khaas Har Andaaz itself instils a sense of power in you, it clearly stands to encourage the multi-faceted personality in us. The Indian society has always pre-branded certain expectations and with this campaign, I believe it is our first step towards allowing the various personas inside us to develop and grow. With our society moving towards being an open-minded entity, the thought of different interests and personas will emerge. It’s not just about the multiple personas, it is also about the next vision that the campaign brings and tries to strengthen the community through it. I am quite confident that the new brand campaign will surely bring about a change in the society’s thinking and will urge the society to embrace the &dian in oneself.”


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