Music aficionado and acclaimed pianist Shayan Italia's rendition of the Indian National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’, shot in 8K resolution video, has surpassed the French National Anthem record of 36 million views on YouTube and it has been received well on YouTube crossing 101 Million views and counting, thanks to young Shayan Italia’s #IWouldStandForThis initiative, in memory of his mother who passed away from cancer when Shayan was 10.

The National Anthem video has been directed by Dr. Farhad Vijay Arora, and features Shayan Italia. The ambitious video has broken numerous records world over. It is also the first 8K Resolution Ultra HD visual to be ever produced in India. It also boasts to be the most-watched National Anthem in the world and has also broken the record of being the most- viewed Indian National Anthem video within a short span of just 2 days. It is said to have been shot with the Red Weapon Helium Camera and has been recorded in 9.1.2 Digital Audio.

Shayan and his team’s ambitious venture has been made into reality with an alliance of studios from India, Russia and the United Kingdom. The piano used for the recording was made available just for the day as it is the limited edition and it took 24 hours to complete the shoot schedule. The treasured percussion instrument is given only to the most celebrated pianists to perform on it.

If this is not all, the entire post-production process for a 3 minute music video took more than 9 months. The team managed to complete their ambitious project locally, without a fully functioning production setup facility, catering to 8K UHD video content.

Being offered record deals from the biggest players in the music business wasn’t enough for Shayan. Having rejected them for personal reasons, he is keen on his first mainstream Hindi music project to be released in 2019. He has an untapped archive of music numbering over a hundred tracks.


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