Parul Yadav went down memory lane and recalled how she won her first awards for the best promising actress for her debut film Govindaya Namah.

Parul yadav made her debut exactly 9 years ago with Govindaya Namaha, which is an Bharatiya Kannada language comedy-drama film, directed by debutante Pawan Wadeyar. The film was released on 30 March 2012 across cinema hall.

Multi talented actress Parul Yadav was reminded of the great time she had while working on Govindaya Namaha after she came across a video shared by her fans. Parul remembered the good time she had while working on her first debut film Govindaya Nahama along with Komal Kumar, Anna Georgia, Madhulika, and Rekha Vedavyas in the lead roles.

As Govindaya Namaha completes nine years, actress Parul Yadav remembers the hit track Pyaarge Agbitaithe from the film & On the 9th anniversary of her debut film, Parul shared a beautiful video on her social media social media platform.

Sharing her nostalgia feelings Parul says, “I don't usually take big chances in life and looking back I am surprised that I said yes to a movie with a first time director, an unconventional hero and a producer making his second movie!! Having acted opposite Dhanush and Prithviraj and with a successful TV career in Hindi this decision was quite radical for me!! The making of the movie was great fun and the energy on set translated into the screen.. I remember the first time I heard Guru Kiran's chart busting track Pyaaarge and smiling to myself because it was going to be picturised on me! I am so thankful that Suresh cast me in this movie and for all the love that Kannadigas have showered on me since.. Incidentally I also received my first award for the movie - The Times ___. I was playing a Muslim character for the first time and Dakhi Urdu is such a sweet lingo.. I had the script with me about 3 months prior to shoot and it really helped me really discover Mumtaz.. For months afterwards everyone would make me say Nakko Nakko!! And for at least a couple of years everyone thought I was Muslim!!

Talented actress Parul Yadav is now working for her upcoming films, where she is also looking after multiple projects under her production house.