Pisces (Meen)

Natives born in Pisces are the most comfortable in the entire zodiac. This zodiac sign brings with it the characteristics of the last eleven signs. Its symbol is a pair of fish. Pisces people focus on the soul's journey towards spiritual, selfless and salvation. They live in their idealistic world and sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between imagination and fact. They become disillusioned or lost.

Pisces people are always stuck in these options whether to go in search of light or to be immersed in darkness. They are kind until they are disturbed. When this happens, they become very hard. If they are not heard, then they begin to dive into the ocean of despair. And they start wasting time, become dull and depressed.

He is known and liked for his sympathetic nature. Pisces people are attractive and have a careless attitude towards many things in life. It can be difficult for them, once they start following the rules and following a certain level of discipline, then the paths become easier. When it becomes heavy, then there is a possibility of escaping and hiding it. While vulnerable people are likely to indulge in alcohol and drugs. Some can vent their feelings through creative art, music or poetry, but most of them can rarely be opened by the people around them on a personal basis. Brave and independent though, they are quite impractical, and somewhat uncomfortable. When working with the real world, uninterested souls can be easily confused. Spiritual affairs and occult sciences fascinate them to a great extent and they love related subjects.

As mentioned earlier, the Pisces people flow their creative juices to express their feelings. Therefore, if they make a career in the performing arts, then these sensitive souls can reach great heights. Being kind and charitable, Ganesha believes that Pisces people can perform well in the field of medicine. Physics can be another area of ​​success. Do not want to depend on others because of their stubborn and independent nature. However, they often get bored and get distracted. They need to be more focused on themselves and also need to be motivated to give their best. They do not fall behind for the money owed because they hope that it will be returned to them voluntarily.

Extremely romantic and emotional, the people of Pisces are usually so generous and relaxed that they seem impractical. When in love, they become romantic and extremely creative. They move on thinking of being more in love than love. And they have endings like fairy tales. They are attracted to good looks.

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