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It is often said, ‘No one teaches you how to be a mother; you are simply thrown into motherhood’. Same is the belief of Akshita Mudgal as Gayatri, who is currently portraying the role of a mother on Sony SAB’s family entertainer Bhakharwadi.

With the entry of Abhijeet (Gautam Rode) and his son Krishna (Vihaan Lodha), Gayatri is thrown into motherhood as Krishna believes Gayatri is his mother. While Gayatri is shocked in the beginning, she eventually starts getting attached to the kid seeing his love for her. When asked how difficult it is playing the role of a mother at a young age, Akshita said, “Playing a mother on screen was really emotionally challenging for me.”

“Considering Gayatri’s nature, she has got really attached to Krishna. As Akshita, it was difficult for me to play a mom. But as I have mentioned previously as well, I relate with Gayatri.” Said Akshita, sharing further about her experience of playing an on-screen mother. “I remember one scene where Krishna is sleeping on my lap, holding me tight, and in his sleep he asks Gayatri ‘Aap Meri Maa Ho Na?’ Gayatri was supposed to say ‘Yes’ with very heavy emotions and when the director narrated this scene to me and asked me to just imagine the kid and then deliver the dialogue, I instantly got emotional and cried. When I saw the telecast too, I was emotional and had tears in my eyes. So, I feel I have that motherhood within me and I believe every girl has it in her,” she adds.

Talking about her preparation for this role, Akshita shared, “At our homes, we see how our mothers care about us and loves us. There are a lot of little things a mother does like if we come home late at night, from work, she gets up early to wake us up on time. There are many different elements that come with this word ‘Mother’, including love, affection, anger and pampering. So, I took inspiration from my own mother observing how she takes care of me and my siblings and I hope I have done justice to the role of a mother as it is one of the purest relationships in this world.”

Watch Akshita acing this role on Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi, Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM, only on Sony SAB


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