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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on his three-day visit to Myanmar on his first bilateral trip, on Wednesday addressed a community program attended by the Indian diaspora.

During his address, the Prime Minister expressed his pleasure to be part of the event and termed Yangon a 'city of history and spirituality'.

The Indian diaspora has contributed to the development of wherever they have settled. They also kept in touch with their roots .

Global recognition of Yoga is the achievement of the diaspora, which took Yoga all over the world .

We are not merely reforming India but are transforming India. A new India is being built .

An India free from poverty, terrorism, corruption, communalism, casteism is being created .

Good infrastructure is no longer about roads and rail only. It includes several other aspects that bring a qualitative change in society .

Infraculture is important. By infraculture, I mean quality infrastructure that benefits our farmers .

We have not shied away from taking decisions that are tough. For us, the nation is bigger than politics Goods and Services Tax is ushering in a new culture across the nation People of India have the confidence that India can be transformed and we can break free from some of the evils that entered our systems

India is seen as a thought leader on the global stage People to people ties are the strength of India-Myanmar relations


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