Intriguing and complex, the two words that best describe the love story of Agnifera, &TV’s hit fictional property. As perplexed and entangled is the on-screen dilemma, equally simple and relaxed is the on-set environment. The latest addition to the shooting floor, which has become a huge hit with the cast of the show is a pool table and Ankit Gera aka Anurag has become the coach for the rest of the cast.

As per our sources, when the cast gets time between the shoots, Ankit Gera teaches both the leading ladies Yukti Kapoor (Ragini) and Simran Kaur (Shristi) the nuances of playing pool. Even Ayaz Ahmad (playing baiju bhaiya’s character) joins the gang whenever possible. This new activity on sets really helps the cast to relax for a while and have fun together. It gives them a break from the monotony of shooting continuously for 12-13 hours. It seems the cast is utilizing the breaks to their best.

When we asked Ankit about this new sport that’s keeping everyone busy on the set, he said – “Its great fun, we are teaching the girls too and soon there are gonna be tournaments on the sets (laughs). Everyone comes to try their hand at the game, it has become a stress buster. It’s like the whole family sits in one room, chills and chit- chats”. Wow!! What a great way for the family to bond. Tune into Agnifera every Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM only on &TV


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