Fascinating stories, talented actors and incredible cultural aesthetics, are reasons enough for Bharatiya audiences to binge hard on Korean content. From K- dramas and films to pop music, Hallyu or the Korean wave has steered its way into the hearts of

Bharatiya viewers and added to the popularity of South Korean culture in Bharat. To make things even more exciting for fans of Korean content, Prime Video today announced the launch of a dedicated content slate for K-dramas on the service. Starting today, October 21, 2021, a repertoire of Korean dramas will go live for the Bharatiya consumers adding further value to Prime Video’s exhaustive content library.

Following the success of Parasite and Minari on Prime Video, the launch of the Korean content slate is reflective of the booming interest in Korean dramas, including the strong affinity for genres like romance, mystery, thriller, and horror. With new titles launching every week and storylines ranging from romance to revenge to slice-of-life, Prime Video’s K-Drama slate not only promises to entertain the viewers but also give them an immersive experience of the Korean culture.

“Video streaming has brought a host of varied cultures into our living rooms. Users are now enjoying watching content from different regions of Bharat and from around the world, finding resonance in stories, characters and cultures,” said Manish Menghani – Head, Content Licensing, Amazon Prime Video, India. “Korean content, in particular, has made significant inroads into Bharat’s mainstream popular culture. Our users were highly appreciative of Korean films like Parasite and Minari on Prime Video – the movies saw viewership from across the length and breadth of the country. We are excited to announce our exclusive slate of Korean content with 10 popular series. The slate brings together a mix of genres from comedy, romance, horror to action, exclusively for Prime Members in Bharat. The announcement marks our efforts to program for evolving consumer choices for immersive content. We will continue to curate a compelling library of content that is diverse, resonates with our audience and gives them the choice to explore stories from around the world.”

Starting today, viewers can enjoy a diverse range of the blockbuster Korean dramas. The popular shows launching on the service today include True Beauty that dwells on the classic makeover of a young high school girl, bullied for her appearance, Strangers from Hell that will transport the viewers to a dingy apartment building with shady neighbours and a series of mysterious events, and the new season of a high-octane action-packed series, Taxi Driver featuring Lee Je-Hoon and Esom.

While the saga of the supernatural will continue with Lee Dong-Wook and Cho Bo-Ah starrer Tale of the Nine Tailed, Hotel Del Luna will introduce a mix of eeriness and a gripping plot line.

In the subsequent weeks, viewers can tune into all the seasons, including the most recent one, of The Penthouse: War in Life, a show that delves deeper into the struggles of some unabashedly ambitious women, who desire to enter the cream of high society. At the same time, Mr. Queen, featuring Shin Hae-Sun and Kim Jung-Hyun, will make the audience experience a soul swap and a time travel within the same breath.

And there’s more to this binge-fest. Secret Garden, a fantasy romantic comedy will explore love that transcends social class differences, while all 4 seasons of Voice will drop together in November, allowing users to binge-watch an edge-of-the-seat thriller, which will see a seasoned ex-detective and a talented newbie solve cases with limited clues at their disposal.

With such an exciting line-up, the best of stories and actors are all set to heighten the excitement on Prime Video, starting today. So, get your watchlist ready, grab some popcorn and start bingeing.