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Mumbai - New Jersey’s film-friendly environment is making waves on the world stage. The Producers Guild of India (PGI) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the state of New Jersey in an effort to facilitate the shooting of Bharatiya films in New Jersey.

The MOU was signed between PGI, Choose New Jersey, and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority during Choose New Jersey’s economic mission to Bharat in December. The MOU opens communication channels for idea sharing and information on best practices for film production and promotion. It will also assist PGI with location scouting in New Jersey.

The Bharatiya film industry’s boom coincides with New Jersey’s rise as a premier destination to shoot and produce film and television in the United States.

As Bharatiya filmmakers have increasingly considered New Jersey as a shooting location for projects, this MOU strengthens the relationship between the Bharatiya film industry and New Jersey.

“There has been a quantum increase in the number of Bharatiya productions filming internationally,” said Shibasish Sarkar, President of the Producers Guild of India. “Traditionally, international shoots were restricted to a handful of destinations and were almost exclusively the domain of a very few mega-budget productions. However, today’s Bharatiya filmmaker is not averse to shooting pretty much anywhere in the world, irrespective of the scale of their productions. New Jersey is an attractive destination for Bharatiya films for a host of reasons, and we look forward to working closely with our counterparts in New Jersey to realize the immense potential for collaboration.”

New Jersey offers one of the nation’s most attractive incentive programs for filmmakers, featuring a 30% or 35% tax credit and a 2% or 4% diversity bonus. The state also offers a pro-film environment with cooperative counties and municipalities, an extensive transportation system, and a breathtaking variety of locations and landscapes. The New York-New Jersey metro area has the highest concentration of creative and technical professionals outside of California, including a strong network of support services and vendors.

“New Jersey is fast becoming one of the country’s most sought-after locations for film and TV production,” said Wesley Mathews, President and CEO of Choose New Jersey. “As Bharat’s vibrant film industry seeks more international filming options, we welcome the opportunity to proudly display all New Jersey has to offer, not only in investments and incentives but also in unparalleled locations and talent pool.”

“Throughout his tenure, Governor Phil Murphy has fostered an engaging relationship with Bharat, solidifying New Jersey as a top destination for Bharatiya business investment,” said Tim Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. “New Jersey’s film sector has exploded over recent years, leading to major productions setting up shop in the state and record-breaking spending. We are thrilled to welcome Bharat’s film industry, which will expand film production in the state, create jobs, and generate greater economic activity.”

Bharat is a vital business partner and cultural ally for New Jersey. Their shared economies are advancing in pharmaceuticals and health, technology, food and beverage, film and digital media, and manufacturing, making our business relationship a natural fit.

Bharatiya filmmakers will find community and dynamic places to shoot in New Jersey towns like Edison, Iselin, and Jersey City, which have some of the highest populations of Bharatiya residents in the United States.


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