COLORS' horror series Kaun Hai? has intrigued the viewers with the stories about supernatural events. A portrayal of paranormal and horrifying incidents involving ghosts, evil entities and black magic that people have experienced, is what the concept conquers. The upcoming episode will feature Madhura Naik along with the cast of the movie 'Stree' i.e Shradha Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao.

The story revolves around KK studio that has been haunted for many years by an evil spirit. On every Amavasya night the cast and crew working in the studio are given a day off so that they are not attacked by the evil spirit. But, a team of film makers decide to break thIs practice and start their shoot for a new movie. A popular actress Nandini, not aware about this fact signs up for this horror movie and begins shooting on an Amavasya night. But to her dismay, she lands up getting stuck inside the haunted studio and becomes prey to this evil Spirit.

On being a part of Kaun Hain?, popular actor Rajkumar Rao said, “Horror is a very interesting genre and for some reason it’s not explored much in our cinema. My second film was a horror film, and I always enjoy keeping the genre real in terms of performance. There is an audience for horror and when it’s a horror comedy which STREE is, the audience automatically multiplies. I don’t believe in physical entity of ghosts, but I do believe in energies. There are both negative and positive mergers in this world. That’s why when you go to a haunted location you feel that negative vibe.”

Will Nandini be able to get out of this studio alive...? or will the evil spirit have one more victim?

Watch Kaun Hai? every Friday to Sunday at 10.30 pm only on COLORS’!


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