~ Starring Ahsaas Channa, Simran Natekar, Srishti Srivastava and Parul Gulati the show launches on on 7th December 2018 ~

Mumbai - It is rightly said, that hostel life is a time in one’s life when nights turn into mornings and friends turn into family. Girliyapa in association with Whisper is set to bring alive hostel experiences with its latest offering, Girls Hostel. Starting 7th December as a weekly release, Girls Hostel will encourage viewers to stand up for what they believe in and living life by their own rules #MereLifeMereRules.

This 3-part original series revolves around the lives of four girls from different backgrounds and their life in St. John's Dental College and the hostel they reside in. TV actress Ahsaas Channa will portray the role of Richa – an 18-year-old fresher from Nagpur; Simran Natekar as Milli – a pampered girl from an affluent background, Srishti Srivastava as Jo – who lives life by her own rules and has been raised as a tomboy; and lastly TV actress Parul Gulati as Zahira – the quintessential college queen. Girls Hostel is the story of these ordinary girls who come together and share valuable life experiences.

Ahsaas Channa (Richa) said, “I truly believe that hostel life teaches you a lot about yourself, and life in general and my character Richa is trying to figure what is right for her. Shooting for Girls Hostel has been a lot of fun and all four of us have become like actual roommates.”

Simran Natekar (Milli) added, “Every girl has a set of expectations that she is supposed to live up to. However, there comes a time when she wants to live her life, her way. I feel grateful to be a part of the series Girls Hostel that highlights the crucial period of everyone’s life where they experience multiple emotions all on their own. From fun hostel nights, to college rivalry, the series gives its viewers a taste of every event that many will relate to.”

Srishti Srivastava (Jo) said, “Hostel life can be scary. Several years of being with people who are absolutely strangers. But strangely as time passes, you get to know them. And it becomes home. It’s a journey of immense love and hate and experiences that stay with you for life. Doing the show has taught me how to fight some really tough situations. It’s a roller coaster ride that stays with you forever.”

Parul Gulati (Zahira) added, “Shooting for ‘Girls Hostel’ gave me a sense of what it would feel like to be in a hostel full of girls. I’ve not attended a regular college so shooting for the show allowed me to experience college life. Though the girls are nothing like the characters that they are portraying, we have shown extremes of who we could be. Shooting for the show was so much fun and a completely different experience. I am really looking forward to seeing the viewers reaction to our fun saga”

Girls Hostel is a Girliyapa Original Series directed by Chaitanya Kumbhakonum. The narrative explores the everyday lives of these 4 Dental College Students, as they come together to deal with their own personal issues; right from overbearing parents to eccentric wardens to the mean girls they encounter. Girls Hostel is a humorous roller coaster ride, rife with real human emotions coupled with relatable hostel experiences.

~ Catch the 1st Episode of Girls Hostel on Friday 7th December on Girliyapa ~


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