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Controversy over the Marathi film 'Hariom' released on 14 October is increasing. Samajwadi Party has objected to a dialogue of the film. There is a dialogue in a scene in the film that its our Maharashtra, not your village. The Samajwadi Party has demanded the removal of this dialogue from the film. 'Purushottam Bhaiya, this is our Maharashtra, not your village."

Samajwadi Party demanded that wrong words about North Bharatiyas in the film should be removed..

The producer and hero of the film Hariom Ghadge said that Samajwadi Party has demanded the removal of the dialogue from the film and said that otherwise the film will be removed from theaters. Filmmaker and actor Hariom Ghadge said that it is not so easy to remove any dialogue from Marathi film Hariom or remove the film from the theater.

Hariom Ghadge told the media about this by organizing a press conference in association with the Marathi ekikaran samiti at Plaza Theater in Dadar, Mumbai. A special show of the film was also kept here, which was well liked by everyone.

The producer and hero of the film Hariom Ghadge told that the film is a fictional story. We said through a press conference that there is no objectionable dialogue in this film. According to the story of the film and situation, there are dialogues of Hero or Villain, people will see the film, they will get to see a better Marathi cinema. This film gives a message to the society, the youth, there is no objectionable scene or dialogue in it. The film is successful running in many theaters in Maharashtra including Konkan.

He has also announced that the subject and story of Hariom 2 is ready. Its sequel will be released in many other languages including Marathi, Hindi.

Gaurav Kadam, who is playing the younger brother in the film, told that I have played Om in this picture. Dadasaheb Phalke started films, Marathi films should get the honor he deserves. Marathi cinema is given the morning show in the theatres. A message has been given in the film Hariom to celebrate your birthday in the orphanage.

Pradeep Sawant, chairman of the Marathi ekikaran samiti, said that a photo of Dada Saheb Phalke should be placed in every theaters. We are going to campaign all over India about this. Hariom is very good cinema, excellent action.

Hariom Ghadge further said that Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde Saheb is requested to make our film tax free.

Hariom Ghadge, Gaurav Kadam, Director Ashish Nevalkar, Vandana More (Tararani Brigade), Sanjay Yadav Rao and Pradeep Sawant were present in the press conference held at the Plaza Theater.

Action Marathi film "Hariom", made under the banner of Shri Hari Studios, is based on the story of two brothers. In the film, Hariom Ghadge has played the role of elder brother Hari while Gaurav Kadam has played the role of Om.

Hariom Ghadge says that what a Marathi man can do, it is shown in this film. It shows the love of two brothers, which is less seen in today's society. The film is made with the aim of inspiring people.

The film's producer and lead actor Hariom Ghadge said that the audience can see the film in theaters with the family. The music of the film is very good. Its story, content is heart touching. The specialty of the film Hariom is that all the dangerous stunts in it, have done themselves, no body double has been used anywhere. This is the first Marathi film with all mind blowing actions. The bonding of the two brothers, his sacrifice, is shown. The picture has many messages for the younger generation Motivations and inspiration. Such stunts are being seen for the first time in Marathi. A lot of hard work had to be done for this. Both of us actors practiced together for 8 months. This film talks about the youth to be connected to our civilization culture and our roots.

News - Photography : Ramakant Munde Mumbai


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