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Russian Film Festival 2022 has already started attracting cinema lovers from all over! The festival, which is in its second edition, focuses on all the best films of Russia. The festival began on 17th November to 20th November. Bharat’s top notch critics Komal Nahta, Sonup Sahadevan, Divya Solgama and Ashish Tiwari graced the event.

On a second day a comedy film “Son of a Rich” directed by Klim Shipenko, 2019. The highest-grossing Russian movie ever. The movie tells the story of a spoiled rich kid, Grisha, whose father tries to reform him. One day, he comes to his senses after an accident and wakes up in…1860 in his master’s estate. Now he is a simple peasant without any ties or a smartphone, surrounded by serf peasants. Grisha’s path will not be easy. He will have a long way to go from being a spoiled child to a person who learns how to communicate properly with people, to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, and find true love. The film rights to “Russian Peasant” were acquired by several foreign countries. A sequel to the movie is currently being filmed.

The theatre was houseful and people were laughing hard while watching a film. A film named ‘Son Of A Rich’ was showcased in the theatre and left the audience spellbound after watching a fabulous performance by the entire cast of ‘Son Of A Rich’. The film has garnered spectacular responses from the Bharatiya audience.

Stay tuned to get more updates on the Russian Film Festival

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