Sagittarius (Dhanu)

People born under Sagittarius sign of zodiac calendar, live in search of truth. Its symbol is Dharnudhar whose back body is of horse. Knowledge and speed are the comprehensive outlook of this zodiac towards life. Fun-loving and carefree, these enthusiastic people believe in living an extended life.

People of Sagittarius with philosophical and religious mind desire to find the meaning of life. They are clear thinkers, and they are happy when others agree with their well thought out points. However, they can sometimes be logical, blunt and harsh. The more enthusiastic they are, the more enthusiastic the listeners are. They also listen to others carefully and collect information to calm their knowledge. They want to roam the eternal world in search of knowledge and if they are stopped, they start losing patience and they are difficult to handle.

The fearless and fun Khor Dhanu Jataka can be the first and last guest to reach the party. They travel for the attainment of knowledge and want to know about the culture and people everywhere. They are independent and not accountable to anyone. The sources of their energy are new adventures which they get during their journey and they also have the same attitude towards relationships.

He hates to be kept in tight situations whether it is physical or emotional. Honest and defiant Dhanu Jataka likes to accept challenges. Although they see themselves as more courageous than intellectuals. They enjoy reading, writing, and exploring unknown subjects and are good learners who produce very good results. They are very popular and loyal to friends. They also enjoy the patronage of influential people. They go astray with great enthusiasm. Due to the feeling of insecurity, they become suspicious of judgment and justice.

Dhanu Jatakas are independent, enthusiastic and very open and sometimes they transgress their boundaries. They talk very fast, sometimes it is difficult to keep pace with them. This, at times, reduces the weight of their statements and opinions. They often hurt the feelings of others. But, his words also inspire people. They are keen, spiritual and true believers. They attract others with a feeling of joy and trust.

The native born in Sagittarius sign does not show his love. And rarely hug or exchange gifts. For him, the thrill of love comes from bungee jumping, mountaineering, horse riding, roaming in foreign places.

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