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COLORS' new offering Tantra has the audience glued to the screen with its mysterious and gripping storyline. The story revolves around the Khanna family who become unfortunate victims of the gruesome practice of Tantra. In the recent tarck, the Khanna family are cherishing their entry in their dream house ‘Jalsa’ and are hosting a house warming party to celebrate this occasion. Making it a grand affair, the famous actess Sanjeeda Sheikhwill be seen performing a special dance number on the song ‘Ye Raat’ from the movie Aks. For this particular sequence, Sanjeeda herself has choreographed the song.

Commenting on the same, Sanjeeda Sheikh said, “I have seen a couple of episode of Tantra and I found it quite engaging because of the mystery involved in it. I love the content that COLORS showcases, it is very unusual and pathbreaking and hence I try to be part of these shows in my own way. I take up these special appearances as I get to do what I love the most that is, Dance. My look for the dance performance is quite glamourous. I had a great time shooting for this sequence and it was delight to meet the cast of the show as they are so warm and welcoming."

While the family enjoying the party, the house has begun showcasing its power. Will the family stand strong together and identify the problem that is a threat to their lives or will the Tantra break the family down?

To find out, watch Tantra every Monday to Friday at 11 pm only on COLORS!


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