Starting with humble beginnings to being known to many as the Reggae Ambassador of Asia, Malaysian-Tamil artist ‘Sasi The Don’ has had a highly successful musical journey. On 18th December, Sasi has came out with the first track of his latest album ‘My second wave’. The song is called ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and deals with the crisis we all are facing today with the pandemic and motivates the listeners to face these times in as positive a manner as possible. The video of the song features princesses and unicorns and is shot in Bookxcess, a big bookstore in Malaysia which makes it a one of a kind setting for a reggae track.

For Humpty Dumpty, Sasi has also collaborated with 24 years old Malaysian rapper E.L.I.

Commenting on the same, Sasi says "Humpty Dumpty is not a stereotypical Reggae song. The music is catchy, the video, with unicorns and children, is child friendly but the lyrics are hard hitting. It's the first song from my album 'My Second Wave'. The whole album is about positivity and testimony to show and prove it to the people that we can survive and make things happen in crisis. There is always magic in life and let it come out. Look out for one and another. Even at times like these, we have to put our mind and heart into being positive."

Apart from Humpty Dumpty, 'My Second Wave' has five more original tracks which will be releasing in coming days along with some of Sasi’s old songs as well.


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