Saudi Arabia will be hosting a race for the first time in the history of Formula 1 in December this year. The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix is all set to take place at the Jeddah Street Circuit on December 05 which will be the first-ever F1 event in the country.

Ahead of the race, Saudi Arabia has issued a strict set of rules and a controversial dressing code for the mega event. Formula 1 has been issued a list of acceptable and non-acceptable attire by the organisers ahead of the event in Jeddah and those taking part will have to adhere to the guidelines.

The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix will have its own set of rules when it comes to clothing at the event. In line with the directives of the Saudi Arabia government, Formula 1 teams and personnel have been asked to cover their arms and legs at all times during the event.

The women cannot wear clothes that rest above their knee and have been advised to ensure their shoulder and legs above the knee are not visible. Women have also been asked to wear minimal make-up in the guidelines issued to F1 for the race, as per a report in Spanish outlet Marca. Women cannot wear backless dresses, mini-skirts or bikinis.

Men have been issued a list that is less restrictive compared to women when it comes to the dress code. Like women, men have been advised to cover their arms and legs all time. The F1 participants, support staff and personnel cannot wear shorts, tank tops or remain shirtless.

The dress code can be particularly problematic for support staff who will have to work in soaring heat in Jeddah during the race in clothes that may not be of their choice.

Apart from the restrictive dress code, those set to take part in the Saudi Arabia GP have been also asked to follow some other rules. People should refrain from showing affection in public or using profane language, as per the directives issued.