~ Society Tea introduces the #StayAtHome campaign to encourage a Safe Society ~

India is known as a country that not only loves drinking tea but is an intricate part of both its culture and history. As many Indians, across the country, experience social distancing, Society Tea – a celebrated household name and market leader in the tea category in Maharashtra - introduces its #StayAtHome campaign, to encourage safety, remembering the beautiful memories, we collectively spend as a community, around tea.

The premium tea makers, Society Tea celebrates this tea-drinking culture, borrowing visuals from their human interest photo essay campaign aptly titled 'Tea Society Called India', capturing poignant shots celebrating the unifying and proudly home-grown tea-drinking culture across the length and breadth of our country.

Society Tea’s #StayAtHome campaign illustrates all those small moments in the day, wherein people come together to brew a delightful experience over a cup of chai. Thereby giving the message that until such a time comes again, #StayAtHome #StayIndoors #StaySafeAtHome and grab a cup of Society Tea!

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Karan Shah, Director, Society Tea said, “Society Tea has always been subtly invested in its duty towards society. With the inspiration to brew delightful experiences and conversations over chai, we at Society Tea have recently incorporated the visually appealing #StayAtHome campaign, to portray simple and small memories during the day, when we come together as a community to enjoy our tea together. Until such a time is back, let’s not only stay safe, but also look forward to enjoying these moments with our friends, family and close ones.”