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In her latest solo show, ace artist Anita Goel exhibits works that defy convention. Titled ‘Avataran’ which loosely translates to the arrival, the paintings in this exhibition showcase her journey and the destination that she has reached, in terms of her art. Being showcased at the plush Soho House, Juhu, till 5th May 2022, in this show, Anita goes beyond the conforming barriers of regular shaped paintings and beautifully gives life to her canvases in different forms. It is interesting to note that the expanse of her vision cannot be contained by square and rectangular-shaped canvases. At times, clad in different degrees of Grey, White and Black, at other instances, shining with colours that are as resplendent as a peacock’s plumage, each piece is as individualistic as it gets. And what’s more is that part of the proceeds from Anita’s show will go towards Yash Charitable Foundation for the cause of Autism. Actor-Photographer Luv Sinha and Comedian Atul Khatri graced the exhibition and lent their support to the cause. Autistic participants Anand Subramanian, Srideep Dutta and Aarti Nagarkar among others, associated with Yash Charitable Foundation, expressed their fondness for bright colours in Anita Goel's works.

A portion of the sale proceeds from Anita Goel’s current show will go towards Yash Charitable Foundation for the cause of Autism. A Mumbai-based NGO founded in 2014, Yash Charitable Trust was formed by a team of committed individuals with the vision that people with developmental disabilities can live and work in the community of their choice with dignity and self-respect. They provide skill development, training, mental health support with counselling, therapies, and livelihood opportunities.

Luv Sinha expressed, "I think the way Anita uses colours and creates her own unique canvases is simply fantastic! And what I really appreciate is the cause behind it. Art becomes all the more meaningful when it is meant to help other people. The fact that Anita is helping the cause of Autism is great and that's another reason why I'm here... to support the noble cause."

“Over the years, I have conducted various art workshops for mentally challenged kids and every time, I am amazed by the potential that these kids display. I truly feel that they are no less than any of us. Autism is a cause close to my heart and I am genuinely grateful to the Almighty that I am able to do a show to help the cause. And I am happy to associate with Yash Charitable Trust for this initiative,” averred Anita Goel.


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