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Actor Sooraj Pancholi inaugurated the 'Tribal Combat' gym in Andheri, Mumbai. This gym of Hardik Maingi and Bikash Barua has many specialties, due to which it is a different type of gym. A spectacular opening ceremony of 'Tribal Combat' was held on the third floor of Maurya Blue Moon Building at Link Road, Andheri in Mumbai, where many film stars and media personnel were also present. Sooraj Pancholi opened this different type of gym by cutting ribbon here. Many guests also attended here.

Sooraj Pancholi congratulated the owners of 'Tribal Combat' Gym here, Hardik Maingi and Bikash Barua, and said that he has known Bikash for a long time and would like to congratulate him for this new project. I liked this gym so much. It is a better place for fitness enthusiasts with many new things. Sooraj also said that it has started in Mumbai at the moment, but more branches will be opened in different cities of the country.

Hardik Maingi thanked Sooraj Pancholi who came to its inauguration and encouraged him. Hardik's partner Bikash also praised Sooraj Pancholi's move. He said that he is very excited about this gym, he hopes that people will enjoy exercising here for fitness. Hardik said that this gym is different in itself because there is also a professional boxing ring. There is a large system of learning martial arts, gymnastics and boxing here. Boxing will not only be taught here but there will also be professional boxing, where some VIPs will also come. It also includes dance and music.

Let us tell you that Bikash Barua is a celebrity martial arts trainer and he has also been a trainer for Sooraj Pancholi, Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani etc.


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