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Zee TV's Qurbaan Hua had everyone hooked when it launched in February this year through its intense storyline and fantastic performances by Karan Jotwani (Neel) and Pratibha Ranta (Chahat). With the COVID-19 Lockdown gradually lifting and shoots beginning to resume, viewers are in for a lot of twists and turns on the show. Moving into the next phase of the story, Zee TV brings for its audience a few special shot- from-home lockdown episodes that are thematically inspired by the current context of the COVID outbreak. The protagonists will be seen reaching Gauri Kund (a fictional village). Titled ‘Naye Kal Ki Pehli Jhalak’, the viewers will see Neel and Chahat focusing on saving the lives of the inhabitants of a bungalow. The contagious Corona virus is spreading, and everyone is supposed to be quarantined. Amidst all the drama on the show, viewers will see the entry of a new character named Kajri. Stepping into Kajri's shoes is the popular and talented actor, Sucheta Khanna.

In these light-hearted ‘shot from home’ episodes that actors have painstakingly shot on their personal mobile phones, viewers will witness Chahat trying to make sure that all family members and residents stay indoors during lockdown as the corona virus spreads across the village.

To keep them safe and have them abide by the rules of not stepping out, Chahat acts as if she is possessed with the support of the mute caretaker Kajri and eventually even Neel gets involved in her quarantine game plan. Sucheta will be an integral part of the plot in these special episodes and will surely bring about a lot of twists and turns in the lives of Neel and Chahat.

Speaking about her entry for the lockdown special episodes of Qurbaan Hua, Sucheta Khanna said, “I have to say I am really excited about joining Qurbaan Hua's lockdown special episodes that too with such an interesting and relevant twist, I am sure everyone will enjoy it. This is my second project with Zee TV after 2 decades and it is also the first time I will be shooting from home for a show, so I am really looking forward to it. We will start shooting very soon and I can't wait for the special episodes to go on air.

To know more, stay tuned as Qurbaan Hua returns to the small screen pretty soon, only on Zee TV!


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