The eminent scholar, scientist, and philosopher, Prof. Park, Jae Woo, worked over many years to carry out the task of developing this precious contribution to medical history. The Sujok Treatment System, which he developed, is the result of comprehensive research on the correspondence systems of the human body as found on the hands and feet.

Thus, Sujok therapy springs from the observation of the similarity of areas of the hands and feet to the human body as a whole. Numerous research and clinical tests by scientists at research institutions, physicians specializing in alternative medicine, and ordinary people at home have proved the interaction between the hands and feet and the influence of activity on these areas on the whole organism. Indeed, any person can easily discover for himself that the hands and the feet most resemble the structure and shape of the body. Stimulation of those areas on the hands and feet corresponding to the affected areas of the body leads to recovery. We understand the results of Sujok therapy on the body because we understand the curative powers of stimulation of the corresponding areas of the hand and feet. And because we understand the Universe itself, with man as its representative, as a hierarchic system with one common origin.

Thus we see Sujok therapy as harnessing the similarities and connections of all of nature in the improvement of the human condition.


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